Thursday, February 26, 2009


John Bartosek, Editor, The Palm Beach Post (a real newspaper), brings to light a serious subject that has been in the media recently:

Miss Vero would like y'all to ponder this sensitive topic and at the same introduce y'all to this very respectful song and video by Mr. John Flynn:

Mr. Flynn is an incredible talent that will be in Vero Beach this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing him perform on Sunday:

Follow the links above for contact information.

We hope to see y'all there.



Miss B. Havior said...

Now Mizz V,

Ya forgot the whole story sugerpie. Mr. Flynn is represented by Vero Beachs' own,TSC Booking owned by tha' famous vagabond gypsy herself, T-Shirt Cathy. Just Google her. Really.
If we're all nice and say purdy please, she might bring more nationally known acts to our humble little beach town, therefore increasing our options of where we partake our libations.

Miss Vero said...

Now y'all know we never venture into the comment lounge, but for Miss B. Havior we can always make an exception. You are certainly right and thank you for giving T-Shirt Cathy the credit she so deserves...

And don't y'all think it's ironic that we put this out this morning and that the decision to recognize fallen soldiers is today's news?


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