Friday, February 27, 2009


Funny you bring up your recent myspace account Miss V, I was just thinking about all of these social networks linking the world together! Although, at times I’m worried that even though we’ve confirmed that 6 degrees of separation does exist, society’s social skills are taking a nose dive because of it. Especially the younger crowd, I’ve noticed everyone is becoming complete narcissist between posting pictures and informing people of what they’re constantly doing on facebook,myspace, twitter – whatever.

I suppose being a young narcissist isn’t a bad thing, I mean I’m trying to find someone who loves me, as much as I love me! Tough job, inquire within. These dating sites are odd too, I’m not downing you if you use them, some people have to. But it’s like, “these are the reasons you should date me” are they even real interests? Is the picture you put up even what you actually look like? Do you really love your damn dog more than life? Your favorite book is the bible? You try to stay out of drama? I feel like these dating sites are exaggerations of what people really wish they were.

I’ll ask fellow Beach House attendees to comment as to what your thoughts are about the younger generation spending more time on the computer meeting new people than actually throwing themselves into the community! Although, I found that all this new technology does have a plus, I had a drink and a smoke VIA skype with a friend of mine who lives in another city! Convenient!

I heard a statistic on the radio the other day, I hate hearing statistics pertaining to my life. E-mailing too much can be detrimental to your health. Yes, that’s what they said, they also stated that these online social networks can cause cancer… Great, but I have a feeling with my lifestyle the Internet will not be the first thing to take me out!

Love and Hugs,

Who can keep up with all the blogging, posting, twittering myspacing and facebooking, never mind internet introductions! And to put such intimate personal info and photos out in the world for everyone to see! Call Miss Vero old fashioned, but hunnies we rather drink virgin daiquiris than have to date this way. But if y'all are interested, here's a little sample of some singles in Vero :

Seems like a lot of men like to fish and the woman are all "seeking something special". We hope they both find a good catch.



Jethro Bovine said...

Miz Viv,

We've had facebook back home for a long time. We call it a "photo album". I don't see how these new social sites differ from the live dating scene other than the age of the image. How often does a live hook-up start with full and accurate disclosure? As in "Hi. I am Phil. I am an underachiever who is working at my full potential but blaming the world for my lack of meaningful existence. I tend to make all those around me keep one eye open for the exit door. I will bore you to tears and make you constantly wonder what you ever saw in me."


Viv said...

mmm I've encountered people like that! I like your writing Jethro B. Trust me, I love facebook! Especially receiving pictures I forgot or never knew I was in. It's very helpful, I just print out pictures straight from FB. I just find it humorous as to what people actually utter to their computer screen in their "about me" or "interests" or this recent infectious disease "25 random things you didn't know about me"
Should be renamed "25 things you dont care to know about me, but because I think I'm so mysterious and unique - here ya go"

LDouglas said...

Miss Viv,
I used to worry about my son spending too much time on his computer rather than going out. But I think overall the computer gave him a broader range of friends than he would have had without it. High schools (and colleges) are big today and some kids he might never had got to know if not for one or the other getting a hold of a screen name or Myspace page.

And when it came to online game playing he was able to get to "know" people of all ages from all over the country and the world. (Skype made that even more fun.) I think it broadened his horizons and it hasn't hurt him in the dating department. Now he's rarely at his computer (except for his G1 phone).

On the other hand, me, I'm throwing myself into the community by using my computer. The Beach House is a good example. It's seems so hard these days to coordinate getting together or make commitments and here we can come and go as time allows and still keep up. Heck, we could even be out of town and keep up. However, I have no interest in having a Facebook or Myspace account and I've never even ventured to Twitter to see what all the chatter's about.

Anonymous said...

Nada, being a young narcissist isn't a bad thing but being an old one is. Did ya see the musings today? Listen to this............ I still am a firm believer in dressing up, to dress down the demons. Only this time around, I'll be shopping right from my closet, pairing old skirts and shirts and suits in new ways. It's a great morale booster, and I like to think it gives a little smile to those who see me.

Let me finish it................I'm not a narcissist. I'm just spreading sunshine by looking so fabulous.

Viv said...

mmmmm anonymous. we are speaking the SAME language... I love it! I believe dressing up in every situation is a must no matter what social event you are attending.

Brian Maxson said...

Before August 2007 I had absolutely no interest in establishing online relationships, especially at "peer sites". I was already married, and I had my Tiger Woods 08, NASCAR 2003, Flatout2 and to keep me busy during my down times.

I've spent thousands of dollars over the years seeking out one individual via private investigator and lawyer, until that fateful Sunday back in August, 2007.

My sister emailed me a link to a myspace page and it turns out to be my child that was stolen from me back in 1989 during a custodial dispute, where I was about to be blessed with full custody of my six month old daughter.

We've since reunited and are still establishing a relationship, abiet a tad difficult with a 20 year old that's just starting out life getting advice and guidance from a total stranger to her.

Since then, I've re-established relationships with childhood friends and school mates whom I never thought would become so tech-savvy and besides the fact of enjoying seeing how things turned out for people many have achieved some major accomplishments.

VeroMark said...

Here are some statistics and info for ya. I got these from The Wall Street Journal.

Average emails sent per day in 2007 was 47 – up 27% from 2006.

170B emails are sent daily around the world – that is 2M every second!

The typical corporate email user receives on average 81 email messages daily and send 29 emails per day.

1/3rd of corporate users feel stressed by heavy email volume, sometimes checking email as often as 30 to 40 times per hour.

One of the biggest misunderstanding about email is people actually think it can replace dialogue.

Email is not dialogue – we cannot read the recipients understanding or body language, we can not see whether they agree or not, we can not have group discussions, nor can we brainstorm ideas through email.

Major corporations (U.S. Cellular, Deloitee & Touche, and Intel) are spreading a ‘no email Friday’ concept in order to crack down on non-essential messages, boost productivity and encourage better face to face communications between employees.

Anything benefiting from dialogue should be done with lips rather
than fingers EVERY day of the week – not just Wednesday

Employees use email to avoid problems rather than confronting them by passing issues back and forth in long message strings,
like a hot potato – not a good use of time!

Face to face communication can help individuals curb their email usage by up to 20% - plus you may benefit from good conversation with colleagues/clients you would not normally have conversed with.

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