Friday, April 10, 2009



(Better than Disco Lights and Blue, well you know...)

And if the Dance Floors Could Talk…
I was chit chatting with Miss Vero yesterday, I usually need a pep talk on Thursday to get me revved up to think about writing… on Friday, or Saturday… sometimes I’m sent in a week late all together. Unfortunately, I’m like a sloth when I attempt a task. Miss Vero usually forced feeds me my A.D.D. meds (lifting of the tongue and all -- mental institute style). She keeps the straight jackets available for when I come to the Beach House drunk. She also tells me to pay attention to important stuff like politicians and who's who around town. It's supposed to be important, but I still haven't figured out why.

So on Wednesday (when I was supposed to be paying attention), I was watching Mr. Posey speak at Clubhouse and something rather strange came over me. As I looked above his head I saw a disco ball. A disco ball that Drag Queen, Kelli Randell, most likely nearly knocked off the wall with her bare hand on a recent club night, a disco ball that reflected multiple angles of me grinding on a random gay man which quickly led to me face planting the floor, and a disco ball that features an intense poker night with all the teens in town who’ve been permanently banned from Jai Alai. Just an interesting location, where Fran Love, spreads the Love to so many.

On to other things, Tuesday night when I ventured out into the Vero Beach night life, I was amazed at the abundance of cops out! Got me to wondering, who’s on the road tonight while I’m looking across the bar at the entire VB police department downing beers ( Safe from driving drunk and getting arrested ). Literally at EVERY street I passed there were blue lights and I was very impressed by the under cover dark blue mustang that ruined some innocent bystander’s night. Regardless, they’re merely doing their job. As long as I don’t get pulled over and have to perform sexual favors.

I’ve got to get out of here, I’m pretty sure there’s construction going on in my head and my eyes look like two tomatoes in milk. Til next week...

Love and Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Just a shout out to Viviene and Miss Vero from the Clubhouse...plenty more love to go around...stop by again soon (4000 Atlantic Blvd, in case you forgot!)kisses, fran love