Thursday, April 9, 2009


Leave Russ Lemmon alone!

He's a human, and you people, yes, you commenters are trying to throw around your college educations and make him look stupid, well he's not! He's not! He's my opinion columnist from my local paper that I love and you people are so used to bashing him that you did not even recognize the fact that he finally got it right! He used a video from Comedy Central and he spliced into his and it was funny! He's Funny! Russ Lemmon is funny and you people didn't get it! You don't deserve him! Leave him alone, leave Russ Lemmon alone!

Goodness knows who that boy is, but we wish he'd just get the heck out of yard this morning, before we've even had a chance to mix up our noon bloody marys.

Yes, we heard Congressman Posey speak yesterday. We saw several local politicians attending and appreciated the few that stayed around to speak with folks. We noticed some, like Miss Carole Jean Jordan and Commissioner Solari and Sheriff Deryl Loar leavin early, but we're sure they had important business to attend to, now that they're in office, right?

And yes everyone expects some sort of political comment from Miss Vero, but no, we are not going to say a word.

Why? Well, since y'all asked...

Miss Vero is just dog tired of it all, maybe it's just us. We are as tired of the Democrats printin monopoly money and handin it out willy-nilly, just as we were tired of the Republicans printin out the same pretend money for their no-bid contract profiteering war. And then we are tired of each side pointin fingers at the other.

We often wonder, why is it that the same people who say "God Bless America!" are the first one's to exclude many Americans from that blessing.

And why is it that God should bless America and not the whole world? If y'all believe in that mumbo-jumbo-bible-hocus-pocus and read it, like y'all say y'all do, did y'all happen to skip that part where God created the world, the whole world and not just a well defined portion in North America?

"Because I believe we live in the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!" Yes, that always gets the applause, doesn't it? And every politician makes sure to make that statement. Is it because they believe it? Or, is the sound of applause really the pay off?

When we hear a politician, any politician, we always wonder if they are truly tryin to help us, or if it is just the popularity contest they seek and then we remember somethin about power that our Daddy used to say - "Anybody that wants to carry a gun and tell other folks want to do, shouldn't be allowed to".

We're sure if we lived in Sweden (and it seemed that Mr. Posey has some sort of fascination with Sweden, cause he mentioned it many times), we would think that Sweden is the Greatest Country on Earth.

And yes we get it, we're bloggin well within our first amendment rights, so the irony is not lost on us.

But as we said, we are weary.

We've been trying to get everyone in Vero to get along. Miss Vero does not know just how many times we can ask y'all to calm down, pour a cocktail and try to not be so hateful to one another. And for goodness sakes, if y'all don't have a sense of humor, we'll lend you ours! Because when we are divided we are conquered. Red, Blue, Black, White, Christian and Atheist, Muslim, Jews, Gay and Straight, 32963 and the PJ, Blessed Americans and everyone else, how can we all coexist?

We suppose what this planet really needs is a good ole Alien Attack! That sure would put everything in perspective right quick, now wouldn't it?

And maybe put that NASA funding on the top of the list....

Oh, and a little TANG in our martini wouldn't hurt either!



Max Newport said...

Miss Vero, if we all got along it would be about as boring as being the aglet inspector at the shoe string factory. There is some real evil out there that we need to oppose with every ounce of our being. How we define good and evil will always give us something to talk about. Damn!!! Was that profound or what?

Lemmon is neither good nor evil. Just pretty boring. Looks like he found a buddy today with commenter "Barty". That fellow has some real time on his hands.

It bothers your old friend Max to see you on this borderline Kumbaya/Rodney King/Can't we all just get along kick. Hopefully its just alcohol withdrawal that you were experiencing during the lunch and I do know it was a shock to your system to be up and about that early. The light at that time of day can be ungodly.

We need to find this "Barty" guy and either kill him with extreme malice or beg the Press Journal to honor him as their "Blogger King" or something. Yes, I was that impressed.

I hope you are back to your gum snapping tobacco spitting self real soon, ya hear?

Miss Vero said...

Thanks Max, for slappin us upside the head, it certainly is good to be reminded that some folks need killin. It's been a long week, we're sure we'll be back to our ole vinegar veined self in no time.

How bout we go out and celebrate, I'll drink you under the table, that should take, what? About 15 minutes? See? Miss Vero is feeling better already!

LDouglas said...

I failed to see humor in the video- other than the title "yo grandmama". We'll probably never all get along when it comes to politics but it doesn't mean we can't be civil. Really, saying Mr. Posey was part alligator might have been fine but to suggest his grandmother did such a thing is pretty low. And even if the bill was aimed as an insult to President Obama it still wouldn't make him the worst person in the world- not even by a long shot.

But as far as being tired of pointing fingers at each other, I hear ya. I'll skim for the tinge of truth but tune out a lot when it gets too heavy one way or another (like barty today).

I also question with you why God should bless America and not the whole world. And I'll add why we think we're entitled to exploit their resources including their people for our excess.
(I mean what does it say when 1 in 5 American four year old's are obese while a child dies of starvation in the rest of the world every 5 seconds?)

Geez, I hope I didn't make you feel worse. Here- drift away for a few minutes if you need to.

BlessUrHeart said...

How funny - I've had this conversation before, and it seems there are two schools of thought on the "god bless america" thing. When I say "god bless you" to someone, I don't mean " and damn everyone else." But maybe other people do mean that. Seems odd, but hey, that's what y'all are saying.

If I say "god bless america," to me that doesn't mean "and damn the rest of the world." But it does seem to imply that to others. As I said, I've discussed this with journalists and pundits and there are those who think both ways.

But for me, if I give you my blessings, or hope for some for you, I am not intending in any way for my other friends or strangers to be forgotten.

And agree with Max -- Ghandi was all well and good, believe me I'm a fan. But his attitude only works on those with a conscience. There are too many so-called people who don't have a conscience, who are evil. They need caging. Like Hitler, etc. Someone has to keep them from doing their evil, or we all go down the drain.

It's nice to dream, but glad you woke up! ;-)

LDouglas said...

I didn't mean to imply when someone says God bless America or God bless you that they're damning everyone else.

What I'm implying is the actions some politicians take behind the scenes (and some people support) while saying God bless America. Like "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here". Al Qaida picks a fight with us so we make a country that didn't have anything to do with it the battlefield.
Or like we withhold aid in the form of birth control and pre-natal care to the poorest countries in the name of being pro-life while America has access to those things and abortion. Or not requiring corporations to remove toxic components from electronics because we export them to poor countries when we're through with them.
Those are the type things that seem to be saying God Bless America and damn the rest of the world.

Viv said...

buncha crazy loons.

BlessUrHeart said...

Yes, I understand, LD, about not blessing everyone. But Miss Vero's post and yours brings my point to mind, as well. I know YOU would never damn anyone, even those who might deserve it. ;-)

Is Miss Viv going to tell us who the loonies are? rather cryptic posting.

LDouglas said...

That it does BUR. And I'll let you continue to think that. :-)

Otherwise, I bet Miss Viv's talking about all of of us. Too much serious stuff being passed around instead of the usual stuff. ;-)

macdear said...

I always thought Mr. Posey could swallow nails and spit out corkscrews. Frankly the only interesting thang I’ve ever heard ‘bout him, was him bein’ part gator.

And speaking of killin'....

Nearly 60 people have been killed in mass shooting incidents in the last month:
• March 10 - Alabaman shoots mother, grandmother and eight others.
• March 22 - Shooter kills three cops and self.
• March 31 - Shooter kills six in Silicon Valley
• March 29 - North Carolinian shoots eight in nursing home.
• April 3 - Fourteen shot in Binghamton New York.
• April 4 - Glenn Beck fan murders three cops.
• April 4 - Security guard shoots his five children then commits suicide.
• April 7 - Floridian shoots wife, daughter, two others, and self.
• April 8 - Catholic volunteer wounds four, kills one.

That's a lot of killing even for a country gurl like me. It's more than our combat losses for the same time period in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It's no wonder people are startin’ to wonder what should be done about it. Thankfully, Mr. Posey has the right answer. Make guns even more available.

“While our 2nd Amendment rights enjoyed a major victory this summer when the Supreme Court struck down the Washington, D.C. gun ban, the fight is not over,” said Senator Posey. “The liberal left will continue to attack our constitutional right to bear arms. If elected to Congress, I will continue to be an advocate for gun owners and their rights, just as I have done in the Florida House and Senate.”

Viv said...

I was just refering to us all as loons in general - nothing offensive. I like people to think of me as bat shit crazy. It keeps the real crazies at bay! That's all I'm sayin