Thursday, April 2, 2009


As y'all know by now, Miss Vero's philosophy is - Life is short, but it sure is wide. So, it will come as no surprise to y'all, that Miss Vero had a short but illustrious career as a Roller Derby Queen. Yes, it's good to be a Queen and we are so good at being any type of Queen.

In fact, one of our old boyfriends wrote a song about us back in the day and sang it on a little ole TV show, called "The Midnight Special":
Perhaps y'all might remember it.

So why are we dredging up old memories? Well, imagine our surprise and delight when we learned of the VERO VIXENS!

From their web site:
About the Vero Vixens -
We are a newly formed league recruiting ladies over 18 of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Come join the fun at Skate Factory in Vero Beach. New to skating or haven't skated in a while? No problem. Come Wednesday nights 7:30-9:30 to get your wheels wet!

Vero Vixens Roller Girl's Calendar

Apr 8 2009, 7:30P-Open Session (get your skates wet!) @Skate Factory

Apr 5 2009,7:30P - Practice @Skate Factory

Apr 2 2009, 6:45P - Offroad Skate @Pointe West

Finally, a sporting event we can get excited about!



Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,
Rollerskates. Queens. Jim Croce. Reminds me of my childhood in Venice Beach (CA). Or was that last Friday?


LDouglas said...

So that's what happened to your tooth Miss Vero. Lol!

Lola said...

As long as we're reminiscing about the song our old boyfriend wrote about us, let me include mine.

"Sweet blossom come on, under the willow,
we can have high times if you'll abide
We can rediscover the wonders of nature,
rolling in the rushes down by the riverside."

Recognize it?

Here's the best I could find.

Sorry I let that one go, I am. :-* :-*

Miss Vero said...


Lola hunney, I never woulda figured y'all for a Deadhead!

I'm likin y'all more everyday!


LDouglas said...

Sugar Magnolia is one of my favorites too. What girl wouldn't like the thought of that song being sung about her? Especially the part where he sings she "jumps like a willys in four wheel drive". Lol

Yeah, that part always brings me back to being taught how to drive a stick shift. It was in a 1940's something Willys and it did a lot of jumping-- when I was driving it. Never quite got the hang of it. Those dang hills. :-)