Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Someone attacked our beloved Max Newport's very concise comment on that retched TCPalm.
Pearls before swine Max, pearls before swine.

We are so dang busy, we'll have to hire another houseboy (any volunteers?).

And it's raining and we can't get out for happy hour!

Don't mess with Miss Vero today kids, we are not in the mood.


Just don't.

Of course, you know we still love y'all.



1 comment:

Expired Houseboy said...

Honestly Miss Vero, I think you may have discarded my houseboy services too soon. While it is well known that your houseboys have a short shelf life, my shelf life extended about 4 hours. Somewhere between our first introduction and you taking a dip in the glorious pool is when I expired.

Why Miss Vero? Why?

-Your 'cute' almost houseboy