Monday, May 18, 2009


Miss Vero knows that y'all are just swelterin and cranky since we up and left, but just be patient hunnies, we promise that y'all will see the method to our madness soon enough.

So for now, let Miss Vero make it up to y'all by extendin a little party invitation -

Everyone has been calling, emailin and just absolutely buzzin, all about this particular get together, so we just had to let everyone else in on it.

Now, y'all can click on the picture below to see or, Miss Vero can just say that next Sunday night (Memorial Day weekend), at the HOV club, formerly known as Tonic, formerly known as Bombay Louie's, there is going to be a fabulous soiree with many surprises and perhaps a famous face or two. Doors open at 8pm, tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door and there is a VIP section that will certainly entice Miss Vero! Please email the gorgeous, Mr. Chris for all the juicy details and do it quick because we'd hate for y'all to miss out on the fun:
And yes, it's a gay sort of party, but what got our attention, was all of the straight folk who called us about it. There's going to be all manner of entertainment and people, but the bottom line is fabulous fun, so who can resist?

Also this weekend don't forget the Riverfront Music Festival in Sebastian at Earl's:

Bikers and Boys for a patriotic weekend? Well, why not we say. Miss Vero is just as comfortable at Earl's as we are at a Drag show, as we are at a gathering of local politicians, conservatives or the aforementioned straight folk.

Yes, and speaking of "straight folk"...

Let Miss Vero be the first to extend our sympathy to Mr. Joe Baird.

First of all, we have never met this man, so let's just say that. And second...well, there but for the grace of the Po-Po go I, if y'all know what we mean. It doesn't take much for anyone to get into this unfortunate situation, that is why we are always careful to take the necessary precautions.

That being said, let's cut through all the hateful comments on the TCPalm site and ask the real question - "Who's the Big Bubba?"

Do y'all think that he was "randomly stopped"? We don't think so, call us suspicious, but we think he was set up. Just sayin...

And if we're right, then the big question remains, "Who's the Big Bubba?"

Hey! It's 3am, there's no way we're going to be awake when our friend Charlie Wilson sits around with Rhett Palmer tomorrow morning, on that crazy thing they call a radio show. We've decided that ole Charlie is fun to pal around with on occasion, we even helped him with his own blog:
He posts every Sunday and since the page format is similar to ours, Charlie was recently accused of being Miss Vero. Well, we all did have quite a laugh about that. The fact is "blogger" only has so many formats and this particular one is popular, not that we need to explain, but we just did.

Take care of yourselves, we'll be seein y'all real soon,


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panda monium said...

So very kind of you to whip off the expression of sympathy in such a timely manner. Your mother brought you up well. I was just cringing with embarrassment for Mr Baird when news of his bad luck was splashed all over the not so local news. 'Magine all the sighs of relief on the island when we all realized how many people dodged a bullet that evening??