Tuesday, March 2, 2010


...Sunday did "Pick-Up"! Check out our morning with Mayor Kevin Sawnick!


Ken Daige said...

What beautiful weather for the beach clean-up. Great to see folks out and about taking care of the environment. Nice way to see your neighbors.

I had a prior out-of-town appointment but hope to join you next time.

Hello to Mayor Sawnick, Peter, Liam and Charlotte... and of course Miss Vero!

A lot of folks do go to church... maybe a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon could work... just a thought.

Great community spirit...

Ken Daige

Miss Vero said...

No, Mr. Daige, it is Miss Vero who owes you an apology! We are so sorry to have missed your birthday celebration and we hope you can forgive us as we wish you a happy belated Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Vero! There is always next year!

We are planning a 'house concert of our own'. We'll keep you in the loop.

Great knowing people are out there having fun!...all things considered.

Ken Daige

Ken Daige said...

Funny how that came out anonymous!

Ken Daige