Thursday, March 4, 2010


...don'cha, don'cha?

Well no hunnies, it's about MissVero isn't it?

Good, now that we have that cleared up, let's talk about folks that cooperate and don't pull each other apart. Last week Ben Prestage performed at Undertow and we were so pleased when we got this e mail from Miss Lynn at Bodega Blue;

"I get asked at least once a day "when is Ben playing at Bodega again?"...well, we don't have another date yet but Ben assures me he will once he gets his schedule together for the summer. So in the meantime, let's take a BODEGA BLUE FIELD TRIP down the street to our good friend Kitty's place...THE UNDERTOW tonight, Saturday Feb. 27th at 8PM to see BEN PRESTAGE!!! See you there!"

And that hunnies, is how to behave with class.

Miss Vero, as always, has been busy, busy, busy!

We've been attending some incredible "House Concerts", the latest show at the home of a wonderful couple, (we'll call them "The Avalons") hosting the talented Mr. John Flynn, presented by the magnanamous T-Shirt Cathy (a nickname given to her by Arlo G.) and attended by the Count and Countess du Roseland. Wow. But just check out Mr. Flynn's site to get up to speed.

Here is a photo of Mr. Flynn, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Guthrie, at one time but not that particular time...

Mr. Flynn was also given the guest house during his stay at the home of our dear friend Fashionista Frannie, who is rummaging through Miss Vero's closet as we speak, for cowboy attire and a fabulous easy-rider-esque fringe jacket to wear to this year's Citrus Gala and Cattle Barons' Ball, happenin' this Saturday night. Hard to believe it's the tenth year of this event, especially when Miss Vero remembers gettin' our picture taken for the saucy-glossy-just launched, Vero Beach Magazine at the first ball!

Miss Vero cannot attend this year's event due to a previous engagement and let's be honest hunnies, we are pacin' ourselves for what will be the most TREMENDOUS OSCAR PARTY IN VERO HISTORY!

At the home of the most fabulous entrepreneurial couple in town, we would spill all the details but let's just say, the last time we attended a soiree at their palatial estate, it took us months to recover. Yes, kids some things are better left to fuzzy memory. One lesson learned - y'all cannot go for a dip in the pool with an iphone and save your cocktail in the process. Well, drink and learn, that's our motto!

And on a sad note, One of Vero's first ladies - Miss Lucy Auxier passed away last week. Miss Vero is proud to say that we remember Miss Lucy fondly. With her passing, yet another part of what was Vero, has gone too. Please children, Miss Vero begs y'all, please learn your Vero history: has a lovely memorial post and we whole heartedly encourage y'all to read it and remember a woman who did some many great and wonderful things for our community.

Bless you Miss Lucy...


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Countess du Roseland said...

First I felt a strange sensation in my left ear, but I attributed the feeling to the fanatic wind that whistled from John's voice. Then I felt a strange sensation in my sinuses, but I attributed the feeling to the damp that invades the manor. Did I think I was getting a cold? I did not think at all. Perhaps that is where I went wrong. Or perhaps I should have sold my timeshare in October, like John Flynn said. At any rate, my affliction will not cut into my Olympics-watching time, because I hadn't planned on watching the Olympics whether John asked me to or not.