Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Miss Vero just loves these old post cards, this one is titled-
"Fast Growing Business Section- Vero, Beach, Florida."

If y'all want to see it up close, click on this:

Fast growing, huh? Well Miss Vero certainly has issue with that estimation. But since this is another rainy afternoon, Miss Vero thinks we will go downtown anyway to loll about on one of the chaises at the Undertow. We especially like to have a cocktail in a reclining position and then bum a menthol smoke from Ian (when we are tipsy enough to forget that we've quit smoking).

Miss Vero is happy to see the Undertow still in biz. Quite frankly, after the parking and noise Nazis started meddling, we thought they were done for. Apparently, the owner, Miss Kitty has some resources up her sleeve. We certainly think that folding the Blue Starfish into Undertow created a cool hybrid. Miss Vero has had many good times there and we're jonesin for another one of their wine tasting parties. Pretty please?

Miss Vero has to let y'all know that our new friend, Miss Barbara the Real Estate Queen, has got it going on. Time after time, in our searches for all things Vero, Miss Barbara's pages come up, concise, with photos and better than anything else out there. Take a look at her Undertow info:

So yes, Miss Vero has decided that Miss Barbara is a breath of fresh air and has appointed her the newest Real Estate Queen. So all of ya'll saucy glossy Vero Beach Magazine mavens, who pimp that beachfront property- I'm talking to you - Scoot your Lily Pulitzer clad, boney behinds over and make room for Miss Barbara!

Are ya'll wondering what the PJ had to say about Undertow? Are y'all wondering if it was a Diana Foote review? Well children, you know it was! Miss Vero cannot even talk about how silly this is, take a look for yourselves:


Whammy? Bohemian Rhapsody? Now I ask you, is it any wonder that Miss Vero must self medicate with alkeehol on a daily basis?

Before we go, Miss Vero would like to mention another downtown establishment, Bodega Blue, which actually has a decent website:

Miss Vero's secret pal- the Palm Beach Playboy- often brings the stinkiest organic cheese and other gourmet items from Bodega Blue to Miss Vero's little house parties. So a big MWAH to the PB playboy for all the lovin.

And for all y'all who send the love via email, many thanks, hugs and



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