Monday, May 19, 2008


First of all...
Let's talk about Mr. Lemmon's column yesterday. Mr. Lemmon asserts that there are little or no accommodations in the Vero Beach area, for people with pets. Mr. Lemmon cites only one web site that even Miss Vero knows-in her limited technological grasp-is ad driven. While Miss Vero agrees with Mr. Lemmon's general assertion, that Vero Beach could and should, be offering so much more. Miss Vero must point out, once again, that if one finds themselves here for any length of time, one most become resourceful for entertainment, wants, needs and fun in general.

If y'all are interested, Miss Vero generously provides you with the following pet accommodation info:

The above link details all chain hotels, three of which are in Vero, that are dog friendly. Further research tells us that even upscale hotels such as Caribbean Court are pet friendly:

In addition, you can also take Miss Vero's lead, so to speak, and find yourself a PRIVATE place to stay. Just look at how many lovely pet friendly rentals there are on or Miss Vero and entourage have rented several fabulous houses, all around the state, that have welcomed our little pup-pup. We have even found a retro cool vacation spot (although on the west coast of Florida) that allows our pup-pup to run like a banshee on the beach!

When Miss Vero must leave pup-pup behind it is at the Blue Ribbon Boarding and Doggie day care:
So a shout out to Mr. Martin and Mr. Drew for the wonderful accommodations!


We agree in principle with Mr. Lemmon (stop groaning, or in your case eclipseme, yawning) that the city and county are doing absolutely nothing in terms of economic development. Bye bye baseball, take your pooches elsewhere and if you can't arrive in a private plane or jet, well, what more can we say? But this is nothing new, is it? Miss Vero knows all too well the very powerful beachies and the mighty manicured fist they weild.

Mr. Joe Coakley (who Miss Vero remembers, although Mr. Coakley will not remember Miss Vero) wrote a come-together-kumbaya kinda letter a couple of weeks ago to the PJ and got one angry comment in response.

Miss Vero often wondered, just what types of narcotics has Mr. Coakley acquired to maintain that level of terminal optimism over the years?


Y'all gotta give that crazy Yellow Dog Cafe lady, Miss Nancy, a lot of credit. Ohhh, Miss Vero knows so much doggie dooo about that place! But another time, another time. What we will do, is tell y'all, how you can take your doggie to dinner. The Dog Bar beneath the Yellow Dog Cafe in Malabar, overlooks the Indian River and will serve you and your pampered pooch. They even have a selection of gourmet doggie treats to choose from.

Miss Vero noticed Dr. Dave Weldon, our own republican congressman, in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony. That crazy- and Miss Vero knows this for a fact hunnies- crazy, crazy, crazy, Yellow Dog Lady, Miss Nancy, she sure knows how to play her politics and run a restaurant right. Which is why Miss Vero was so surprised to see this review:

And just why hasn't the PJ reviewed the Dog Bar yet? We are not surprised.


Enough dog dirt already, here's the pony part. The TCPalm website had a poll running over the weekend asking if horse racing should be banned. Excuse the shizz outa me and pick it up with a baggie, but didn't Miss Vero cover this on May 5th after the derby and again on May 12th after the Bonnie Erbe editorial? Huh? Didn't we?

Once again, we are forced to self medicate, time for a bloody mary! Miss Vero has to tell y'all, it's soo tiring being right all the time.

Keep those emails comin kids, Miss Vero will answer every damn one of them!


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