Friday, May 16, 2008


If there were an option for Miss Vero to vote herself off of this tropical purgatory aka Vero Beach - sugar, we would take it! Now you know, Miss Vero has never seen an episode of the television show "Survivor", but apparently an "ex-Vero resident" has won herself a million dollars appearing on this program.

Miss Vero has a few questions. First of all why did the PJ perpetuate this Vero Beach connection, just because it was listed on her "official CBS bio"? And second why did the byline in the second story read Sebastian? The ashram in question is in Roseland -don't everybody don't know that! The poor girl, bless her little hippie heart, left at the age of eleven. Whatever education she got there, might have taught her how to be a survivor, but it didn't teach her any manners. Take a look at this:

And, of course, the real question, why does anybody give a flying rat about all this anyway? If the PJ really wants to entertain us, they should print more stories like this:

The comments alone are heelarious! Who'da thunk there were so many funny people reading the PJ? And NO, I did not have anything to do with this.


Did y'all like the pictures and photos Miss Vero has been posting? Miss Vero is still new to this blogging thang. Because all of y'all crave the content and because Miss Vero is technologically challenged, we are trying to get as much out as we can. We are constantly tweaking and massaging our little production but Miss Vero has been having trouble with formatting and posting of the pictures and links, we try children, we try. So, unless you are a hunky tech geek who is willin to come over here and work shirtless for Miss Vero, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Honestly, the only one that has nit picked is Mr. Lemmon and the visual of him working shirtless is too much to bear.

Here's a shout out to the newest guest of the Beach House, Miss Barbara!
Miss Vero thanks her for her lovely e mail and the link to her blog yesterday.

Miss Vero must now fix herself a cocktail in preparation for the weekend, we will see you again on Monday, kids.


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