Thursday, May 15, 2008


Miss Vero just loves this old post card photo of the McKee Jungle Gardens. Now of course, it is known as McKee Botanical Gardens. We have the efforts of Miss Alma Lee Loy to thank for saving this historic piece of real estate. Miss Vero knows that Miss Alma Lee Loy is to be respected and feted for livin in and actually caring about Vero Beach for-ev-er. Remember that kids, because it is not often that you will see Miss Vero back down to any one in this town.

Miss Vero mentions McKee because yesterday were talking about the cultural waste land that is Vero Beach. Miss Vero was reminded by a dear friend - Miss Hottentrot, that McKee and the Vero Beach Museum of Art have little cafes that we very much enjoy. Exceptin when it's a million degrees out - like now until November. We also bemoan the fact that no alkeehol is served. At least the yummy food is provided by Chelsea's and we certainly like Chelsea's catering manager, Miss Kate, who Miss Vero remembers (and Miss Kate just might remember Miss Vero) from way back in the old Sand Bar days. Perhaps one day, if Miss Vero is feeling nostalgic and sufficiently plied with enuf alkeehol - and you beg- Miss Vero might tell you about those lazy, crazy days. But not now.

Miss Vero does have to mention the Vero Beach Museum of Art, for providing us with a Warhol or Chihuly fix now and then and believe it or not children, Miss Vero is an actual card carrying member! Yes indeed, Miss Vero is an avid patron of artistic and culinary adventures (and we do not do it to get our picture in that saucy, glossy Vero Beach magazine either). Which is why we were so amused by the dining chimp painting. It's by a Miss Barbara Sharp and displayed at the Arts Mojo gallery in Wabasso. Unfortunately, their website seems to be malfunctioning.

But here's a little blurb about it on one of the ubiquitous Vero Beach real estate blogs:

So Miss Vero will just have to go out on a little expedition to see what's up there. We'll make a day of it and grab some goodies from the Fresh Mozzarella Company as well.

Now if what Mr. Lemmon once said was true - that Miss Vero takes cheap shots, we could suggest that the PJ purchase this painting and use it as their dining critic logo, but Miss Vero would never do such a thing. Why, Miss Vero does not know the meaning of the term "cheap shot", because every shot we do seems to cost at least ten dollars. My, that Patron is getting expensive!

Hmmm, road trip or margarita's? Now we've been tempted.


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