Wednesday, May 14, 2008


All of y'all that have been reading Miss Vero from the start, know that Miss Vero is sorely needed in this town. Searching around on the almighty Google produces very little in terms of exciting banter and mirth related to Vero Beach. Miss Vero has even noticed (as usual) little things like the stoopid PlanetVero website removing their forum page. Granted, the discussions were pointless at best, but at least people were TALKING. Miss Vero is also aware that our own blogspot is difficult to find, but as mentioned before, we are told it will take at least a month before the search engines pick us up and believe me kids, Miss Vero is not accustomed to that kind of snub, but we are just going to have to deal with it. So please, for now, continue to forward the blog address to your friends:

Better yet, as a goodwill gesture, forward to those who are NOT your friends. At least you'll find out who has a sense of humor in the process.

Is that all there is today? Yes children, that is all Miss Vero can offer. We are proving a point, that there is nothing groovy to do here. Thank the lawd alkeehol is still legal!

To further illustrate the bleakness of our cultural landscape, people who vacationed here once, were forced to create their own fun with a can of beans!

What do you want to talk about honey? Tell Miss Vero, try to keep it polite and no, we're not done playing with Mr. Lemmon yet, he is still our personal cat toy - meow.


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