Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last night, Miss Vero had the pleasure of cocktailin at the incredibly artistic home of the Countess de Roseland, where the the topic of discussion turned to politics. No one was in any sort of agreement as to their favorite presidential pony, positive proof that friends can have different opinions without clawing each others eyes out. One of the Countess' guests made a very good point that she would withhold her decision until the candidate's running mates were announced. Miss Vero thinks this to be a wise position, considering that Mr. Gore had chosen Mr. Lieberman in 2000, which was just one more thing to bring him down.

The scuttlebug around town and on the web is that our own Florida gov, Charlie Crist, may be tapped on his skeletal shoulder to assist the ancient Mr. John McCain. Sorry, but Mr. McCain is old and if you haven't noticed, it's because you're old too. If you don't believe Miss Vero, watch this:


The very prestigious St. Petersburg times thinks that Mr. Crist's chances "aren't bad"


After taking a good look at that photo, Miss Vero's gaydar was on high alert and sure enuf, after much web searching, we found a plethora of articles alluding to the fact that Mr. Crist is gay. Finally, some good news!

Imagine if you will:

Mr. Crist becomes Vice President and the old geezer Mr. McCain gets ridden a little too hard in celebration by the current hottie Mrs. McCain (She 'd be so thrilled to add to her vast holdings with a prime piece of DC real estate), and Mr. McCain having a massive coronary kicks it in the act and our little Charlie becomes President! Then, Charlie gets up in front of the whole damn country and announces he's gay, ha, ha, ha and all you red state bigots are just gonna hafta live with it! Dick Cheney threatens to whip out his trusty hunting riffle, but the new Secret Service hog ties him and and makes him Grand Marshall of the gay pride inaugural parade!

Yes, I'm bored, isn't it obvious? Miss Vero is constantly forced into her own world when faced with Vero Beach statistics such as these:


If there was one thing that Miss Vero could do for Mr. Crist, it would be to get him a sandwich. Jumpin-jesus-on-a-pogo-stick! Doesn't that man ever eat? Can't someone find a collar to fit his little chicken neck? What, no gay stylists in Tallahassee? Probably not, Miss Vero has recently spent much time in Tallahassee and wonders how anyone can live there, let alone a decent gay man.

Well kids, Miss Vero has many errands and shopping to do today and cocktail time is calling, so...



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