Monday, May 12, 2008


Did ya ever ride a train? All of y'all that has their head in the gutter can pull it out right now, because Miss Vero is posing a serious question about a serious subject. We're talking about a real train, with a dining car, a lounge stocked with alkeeholic beverages and a sleeping compartment. The kind of train that one would see in an old movie like "Some Like it Hot". Miss Vero has much experience with the trains of old and continues to be a patron of the train system today. Miss Vero enjoys loadin her ride onto that auto train in Sanford and snuggling into her compartment, waking up in DC the next morning. Unlike the the rail system in Europe and other such civilized places, train travel is undervalued in this country. A few years back Florida voters said yes to high speed rail, only to change their fool minds four years later.

Just think kids, wouldn't it be fun to hop on and get the heck outa town? You can bet your high priced petrol sucking hummer that Miss Vero would be the first to ride and make a party out of it to boot! Yes, we are all for a train to somewhere, anywhere, fast or slow, that is why we were astonished to see this subject favored in a recent PJ op-ed .

What is disheartening to Miss Vero (although not surprising) are some of the dimwitted comments that follow the article. Oh well, we'll just have to go on imagining a monorail down the center of I-95 or a train station in the thriving metropolis of downtown Vero Beach. Ever been to Winter Park, Florida? How cool would Vero be if we replicated that neighborhood?
As Miss Vero's Granmamie used to say "Expect nuthin child and ya never be disappointed".
In this way, our town has never disappointed.

If comedy and serial killers are something that naturally go together in your thinking (as it does in ours), check out Tim Dorsey's train tale "Stingray Shuffle".

As mentioned in our May 7th blog, Miss Vero shifted her allegiance from Mr. Hiaasen to Mr. Dorsey, which has been validated by the fact that Mr. Dorsey is accessible and politely corresponded with Miss Vero (MWAH! to you Mr. Dorsey). Mr. Hiaasen is only reached via his agent or an unnamed Miami Herald editor, which only further proves our point that he has become a Vero Beach elitist.

Miss Vero sincerely hopes that this idea of train travel will pick up steam, so to speak, and discussed this idea while visiting with an uber fabulous friend this weekend- who by the way will be leaving soon to attend the Cannes Film Festival! (Difficult to imagine the ultra liberal chic residing in Indian River county, isn't it kids?) Anyhoo, this fabu -friend tell us the story of a "green train" powered by bio-fuel that will spread love and joy with a series of concerts along the way. It will start out on the west coast - natch - and continue to whistle stop its way all over the country, right up to New England. Guess what state it isn't scheduled for? that's right children, Floriduh.


Wow, after an eye opening editorial by Miss Bonnie Erbe in Saturday's PJ,

(Notice how we have to link to The Monterey Herald, since the article is no where to be found on the sassen, frassen, confound it, TCpalm website. Deep breath, enjoy the Pacific Coastline logo, imagine you are there, ahhhhh.) and an equally eye opening article in this week's TIME,,9171,1738503,00.html

Miss Vero has decided -
Mmm, horse racing is bad m'kay?

Miss Vero will continue to relate to earlier blogs, so pay attention kids.
Now it's time to rev up the blender, Miss Vero believes a batch of Margarita's are in order!
And, yes Mr.Lemmon, it is nice to be a Monday through Friday blogger without a time deadline.


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