Friday, June 13, 2008


It's easy to complain about politicians, there never seems to be anyone in office who is anything but crooked. Still, every once in a while someone does something right. Get yo selves comfy children, because Miss Vero's gonna tell y'all a little story and y'all be learnin some Florida history too.

Some years ago - more than we care to remember - the Governor of Florida was a Democrat, Mr. Lawton Chiles. He was known as "walkin Lawton" because when he ran for U.S. Senate, he walked some 1,003 miles from Pensacola to Key West, meeting-n-greeting along the way. He was successful in his senate bid, actually during his entire career, he never lost an election.

He did many good things for Florida in terms of education and children's health. We have Governor Chiles to thank for the Healthy Start Coalition, which has a chapter in every county, includin this one:

But the great thing that Miss Vero loves about this time in Florida history is the contribution of Mrs. Rhea Chiles to the people of the State of Florida. Mrs. Chiles created a Florida embassy for every citizen of Florida to feel welcome when they are in our nation's capital. If y'all need tourist information, if y'all need to see your representative or if y'all just need a cool place to rest and have a glass of that refreshing Florida orange juice, they oblige.

Florida House is available to all of us, every damn one of us, whatever our beliefs, our political affiliations, our income, whether we moved here last week or we're fifth generation natives, it's ours just for being Floridians. Miss Vero has been a recipient of their hospitality many times and is very proud that we have the only state embassy in Washington, D.C.

See kids? Every once in a while Miss Vero can be serious, not too often, but when it's called for. And being this is an election year, maybe everybody needs to take some time and think. If-in y'all are running for some kind of office, ask yourself why and be honest. If y'all are gonna vote for somebody, do a little research and vote with your head. And if y'all just don't care and don't vote, well then, let Miss Vero tell y'all politely to hush yo'mouth.

Lawdy, look what time it is! Time to get down offa our little soapbox and start mixin up the martinis. Until Monday....


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