Monday, August 25, 2008


"You cyber punks stay offa my column!"

Miss Vero is noticing a little age perspective creepin into Mr. Lemmon's columns lately. Yesterday he was rattled by "anonymous cyberpunks" that "take cheap shots" and suggested that, in using something he wrote in her campaign mailing, Miss Cathy Hart was "stealing" from him (he should be flattered). Last week he was praising a kid who walked in the rain to school because, in his day, he walked in rain, sleet and snow to school. Before the primary he registered republican (tryin to fit in around here?) and a couple of months ago he announced that he received his AARP card (now he probably asks for a discount at Bob Evans). But what is worse, like an old timer set in his ways, he is not paying attention to what people are screaming at him. Just take a look y'all, at the comments by "anonymous cyberpunk" jsteel about what's going on at the hospital and it makes you wonder why some one isn't addressing these concerns. At least it made us wonder.


There are quite a few things Indian River County is infamous for and besides political corruption, one is the arrogant ways of the medical community. If indeed, Mr. Lemmon searched out some current employees of the hospital to talk to he would have a hard time getting information, why? Well, here's what Miss Vero heard :

  • The hospital staff must sign a contract to not speak with the media while employed
  • The union has a contract that guarantees not to strike against the hospital
  • The current and former CEO is given a club membership to highly exclusive local golf and country clubs
  • There is/was such a thing as the "Golden Eagles" club, where big benefactors were/are promised superior care
  • The hospital is in the business of providing the illusion that it gives the beach community above board care, hence the DUKE name and it's well connected CEO and the donations pour in.

    True? Heck if we were a "real journalist" and not an "anonymous cyberpunk" we'd find out for sure.


After someone spoke in place of someone who could not attend the luncheon on Saturday, an innocent request to a room full of women was greeted with a wave of laughter - "Is there anyone else here, who would like to talk about someone who isn't here?"

The only female candidates on tomorrow's ballot in Indian River County that did NOT attend the NOW luncheon were Miss Cathy Hart, Miss Kay Klem and Miss Rene Hamblin, all running for the Elections Supervisor office.

And speakin of the Supervisor of Elections office, here's a story told to Miss Vero by one of our regular church goin friends. Seems like our friend just realized that the gentleman he's been sitting in front of, behind and next to in church for the last two years is Mr. Colman Stewart. And during all that time and through many conversations, not once has Mr. Stewart mentioned that he is running for office. We sincerely appreciated the way the Mr. Stewart appropriately places his faith and politics and feel that he has set an example for others to follow. We wish him success in his bid for Supervisor of Elections.


Happy Birthday Week to the Palm Beach Playboy who's big weekend bash we are eagerly lookin forward to.

Miss B. Havior - girl, you'd better get that liquor we drank up last night replaced before the Count and Countess return home from nips and tucks in Swiss Miss Land.

And somehow during our very busy, busy weekend, Miss Vero decided we would take a tour of the homes going on the auction block at Antilles. Yes, they are very, very nice homes, however we have a great concern over the legal goin on's of the community. Not that we're a "real journalist", but we sure would look into this story:

(type in Colonial Bank and the date 7/31/08 in search)

Should be an interesting week kids, can't wait to see how the primary turns out tomorrow, don't forget to vote!


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Anonymous said...

"I ask because one of those tough-talking anonymous posters on made reference Thursday to "Mr. Lemmon and his limited fans. Real Lemons all!"

Gee, that's a first. Anonymous cyberpunks take cheap shots at me all the time, but they've never targeted "my" readers."

Mr. Lemmon is confusing and lumping "readers" and "fans" into the same pile. The cyberpunk is obviously a reader but not a fan. It would be a shame to insult either one of his "fans".

"CATHY HART IS A THIEF" proclaims the lemonhead. She plagarizes. He defames. Lawyers must get involved to the max . . . and fast.