Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, we're sitting in a bar on a Monday night, enjoying a libation and a spring roll (we were upstairs at the Szechuan Palace),when we look out the window and see Ed Glaser and Wesley Davis yuckin it up on the corner of 43rd and state road 60. We can't even begin to imagine what went on in that conversation, but apparently there was no need to hold up signs and wave to voters.

A short time later Mr. Glaser himself, comes into the Szechuan Palace hideaway to enjoy his own libation and spring roll. What are the odds kids? Now y'all know Miss Vero just had to strike up a little conversation, so we asked Mr. Glaser - if he wasn't in the race, who would he like to see win and y'all know what? He said he wouldn't say cause he 's the best qualified and he's gonna win and then he invited us to his victory party tonight at the Atlantic Grill. So there. (pssst, don't tell Mr. Glaser, but we still like our bubba, Captain Bill McMullen).

We got home from our little outing just in time to see Senator Kennedy give his speech at the Democratic convention. It was nice to be reminded that there's another party out there, somewhere. Just not mentioned much around these parts.

We hear that bob Evans has two new menu items especially for Mr. Lemmon tomorrow - humble pie and crow.

Planning on a little outing again tonight, wonder who we'll run into next?




BlessUrHeart said...

Well, Miss Vero, did Mr. Glaser say what the heck he and Sweaty Wesley was doin' in front of a Wheeler sign? LOL! I guess you proved why thinkin' candidates never answer that question "who else would you vote for," since you woulda put his "vote" right here!! ;-)

Ole lemon head may well have hurt his own predictions - I mean if he's pullin' for someone, don't you think everyone oughta vote against that candidate just because he only backs people who will suck up to him? Does bob evans serve crow?

BlessUrHeart said...

I guess ole Wesley didn't need to do too much sign waving after all - if you read his last campaign report he collected about $44,000 in the last week for all those color ads in the urinal. Most, if not all, from common ground organizers. Money can't buy happiness?? Not so, says Wetley. uh, Wesley.

And his buddy Solari won the "three-way" with all those same donors. say "bye-bye" to the urban service line, we are done gone to the cement-pond-buildin' folks.

Pleae Miss Vero, say something funny today. I need it. We all need it.