Wednesday, August 27, 2008



There's a few things that Miss Vero's gin soaked brain just doesn't quite understand...

Like, how does a candidate with what seems like a gazillion very vocal supporters on every street corner waving signs come in dead last? (Kent Campbell with only 16% of the vote)

And, how can we ever take anyone serious named Duuurrrl? Oh never mind, he's got a gun.

And, what ever happened to that huge group of people that were gonna chase ole Gary Wheeler outa town?

Ya'll reckon they just took it out on Miss Sandra Bowden instead?

And will the run off between Miss Claudia Jimenez and Charlie Wilson be like a local production of "Inherit the Wind"? (and how do we get tickets?)

And finally who in the H.E. double toothpicks voted for Stan Mayfield? If there was ever a corruption, er, election that reeked of good ole boy politics, it was this one.

Should we be a conspiracy theorist? How do all of the PJ picks manage to get elected? Ahh, the most read newspaper on the treasure coast, and the only newspaper on the treasure coast.
Move over Russ, looks like we'll have the humble pie today.

A Sincere Thank You...
... is in order, for the wonderful and kind words from Captain Bill McMullen, who sent Miss Vero a very personal e mail expressing his thanks for what little support we gave him.

And now, to cure our election depression, we must drink many cocktails and go shopping, although not in that order.



Anonymous said...

Cheer up Miss Vero. The lemonhead only echoed his employer's endorsements which qualifies as bootlicking in my book. No great skill in towing the company line. He should still eat humble pie due to the smell of shoe leather on his breath, which stale coffee cannot mask.

I did think Kent Campbell would do better, but otherwise I am not surprised. Captain Bill kinda disappointed me when I clicked on his webpage and saw a couple of wrongly spelled words. How can you be part of a "solution", if you can't spell it? "Soul-U-Tion" would be a great name for a retro band.

You can bet the lemonhead will gloat tomorrow, but he gloats if he spots an out-of-state tag!!! He is easily amused by his own shortcomings.

Do you think Kathy Tart's car is on eBay yet? Would love to get in a bidding war with the lemon.

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Clearly, the "voters" (or is it "paid electors") of this county mis-understood FDR and think he said "The only thing we have to fear is CHANGE itself."

I only hope that Captain Bill will NOT GIVE UP on politics. Maybe he sould set his sights higher than IR County.... Senator McMullen. Sounds good to me.


BlessUrHeart said...

A warm group hug is in order -- and bring the martini shakers. I can't even bear to make jokes -- we've so many of those jokes in office. Well, we're not laughing. They are guffawing with glee, liars and cheats every one.

Sorry about McMullen, we've met and spoken with him, just a fine person. Sigh.

Now those other jokes, Heady and Mensing, will pull out of the race and hand it to Solari-the-bankruptcy-king and Wetley Davis. Bought and paid for. Aren't we just proud?

The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and what does the depress urinal write about? license plates.

Anonymous said...

Florida is the most southern of all the southern states it always was and always will be. Will VaRNER IS ALIVE AN WELL

BlessUrHeart said...

For those of you who need reminding:

From "A Long Hot Summer"

Will Varner: You're a young dangerous man. I'm an old one. I guess you don't know who I am. I better introduce myself. I'm the big landowner, chief moneylender in these parts. I'm commissioner of elections, veterinarian, own a store and a cotton gin and a grist mill and a blacksmith shop... and it's considered unlucky for a man to do his trading or gin his cotton or grind his meal or shoe his stock anywhere else. Now that's who I am.

Ben: You talk a lot.

Will Varner: Well, yes I do, sir. I'm done talking to you, except for passing you on this piece of information. I built me a new jail in my courthouse this year, and if during the course of your stay, something, anything at all should just happen to catch fire, I think you ought to know that in my jail, we never heard of the words habeas corpus. You rot.

Miss Vero said...


We thought y'all were tryin to cheer us up?

BlessUrHeart said...

We are so depressed, we didn't even know what we were writing!! gawd hep us. that's why we need undertow, cute bartenders, and good friends.

"No how, no way, no McCain." That's kinda funny.

south county said...

Isn't the Loar a Dr Seuss character? Kind of scary all of the money collected in the sheriff race. Somebody really wanted Loar elected, look at the donation list and you see many people who were given $500.00 by their employers to support Loar, it's obvious in reviewing the donation list. I doubt that many of the campaign donors would have spent their own money for a political donation in this economy. Somehow we are in for trouble.