Thursday, August 28, 2008


Not that the PJ woulda told y'all, but tonight's acceptance speech by Senator Obama will be an event shared by many in Indian River County:

Now, say what y'all will about this presidential election, but it is history kids.

Of course y'all know we'll be making an appearance at the epicenter of cool - Undertow. Not that we didn't consider attending Miss Claudette Pelletier's party or sampling some Bar-bee-que at Grant's in Gifford, it's just that when Undertow is thrown into the mix, y'all know where our allegiance lies.

Speakin of which, let us take the time to point out, right here and now, that Miss Vero is not a member of the democratic party nor the republican party and once again will remind y'all that we are a strong supporter of the cocktail party.

Sorry kids, but the whole political process has just got us in a funk and rumors that we heard about the local primary yesterday are just gasoline on the fire. Did certain "companies" pay employees to vote certain ways? Did certain people supporting certain agendas, contribute cash in unscrupulous ways to candidate's campaign coffers? Check out the comments on our post yesterday, it's just a tip of the iceburg to the emails we received.

Sigh...If only there was a real investigative journalist among us.

We see there's a sale on swimsuits at Dillards, how 'bout we go try some on, that ought to be so much more pleasant than thinking about local politics and our impotent local newspaper.



BlessUrHeart said...

In my world, trying on bathing suits is more depressing than politics. but the politics that are making many of us cry happy tears are about seeing prejudice far enough gone that at least half the nation can support a person of color on the presidential ticket. that, my friends, cannot be taken for granted. when I was little, they shooed all the black folks back to Gifford at 6 p.m.

Anonymous said...

I went to my friendly urologist not long ago and saw Russ sitting in the waiting room wearing a tuxedo?

I said "Russ, why are you wearing a tuxedo to see the doctor?"

He replied, and I quote . . . "if I am going to be impotent, I'm going to look impotent too."


Anonymous said...

Oh Lawdie! Bring out the cocktails and hold on tight!

Would you believe, it looks like it just ain't over yet.........

Word has it, election workers may be in a bit of a pickle. Apparently, nearly all the IRC precincts (40 out of 54) may have had their votes double counted....

um, oopsie....

Now, I know here in Florida we often worry about whether our votes count at all after that danglin' chad and touch screen mess.... but really..... to have our votes count *twice*, well now that's just priceless!

All I can say is bottoms up and keep 'em comin'!

Oh, and while you're at it, you may wanna hold off on that humble pie, at least for now.... ?!?

I'm just sayin'!