Friday, August 29, 2008


Miss Vero doesn't like to say "We told y'all so", Miss Vero LOVES to say "We told ya'll so!" Comments and emails to our blog are suggesting that corruption runs deep in this county, not just in the counting of votes but in the campaign contributions as well. And at 4:45 pm yesterday, this little news item was spotted on the TCPalm website that made it to today's front page:

Yes, of course, this will make it right, we knew there was sometin up, we're all gonna write our State Representative (Um, would that be Stan Mayfield?) and then we're gonna march and hold signs and protest and we'll never be lied to again!

Arlene Lorenzo: How dare those people treat us like we're stupid teenage girls.
Betsy Jobs: We are stupid teenage girls.
Arlene Lorenzo: No. We're human beings, and we're American citizens. And four score and seven years ago our forefathers... did something.

Dialogue from one of our favorite movies of all time, we laugh and cry, laugh and cry and sing along to all the 70's songs:
Rent it, buy it, watch it!

But seriously, what are we all going to do about it? Alert the media? We are in the media dead zone between the Orlando and Palm Beach market for TV coverage and our local TV10 can't even get a website up and running. And y'all already know what we think of our cat litter newspaper.

If a presidential election can be messed with ( and it doesn't matter who y'all voted for, y'all know there was dirty politics at work), this local election is just gonna get swept right under the rug and our local opinionated columnist will go back to counting licence plates.

If ya'll screw one willing 16 year old boy, ya'll get 30 years behind bars, but if y'all screw the whole county, y'all get a high paying job!

Rowdy Republican Dinosaur Gets Kicked out of Undertow Party.

It was actually a pretty quiet night at the epicenter of cool. Everyone very politely watched the convention and Mr. Obama's acceptance speech. Miss Kitty finally got some free time to sit down and enjoy being with friends and Miss Vero was so impressed with those of y'all that showed up and voiced their support for the Beach House. Thank y'all so much!

We are off this weekend to get the heck out of town and go celebrate at the Palm Beach Playboy's weekend birthday bash! Found a swimsuit on sale at Dillard's that will encase our whale blubber butt and am looking forward to lounging by a pool and having endless cocktails perched in my hand! Will try real hard not to think of Vero Beach. Maybe it's all a bad dream.


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BlessUrHeart said...

Did not you all LOVE that comment bob solari [BS] made about the recount -- something about how if he lost this he could retire on the movie rights to his story. Laugh -- Out -- LOUD!

Talk about taking yourself waaaay to seriously [srsly!]. Kiddies, some of these politicos just think the world revolves around them alone, that the whole universe teeters on their every move.

The national press even yawns at this little Vero Beach story. Sadly, so it seems does Vero Beach. As Miss Vero points out there is evidence of fraud and illegal activity all around, but what we get is a big "hoo, hum, that's politics." In SICILY that's politics. jeepers.