Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, Miss Vero went on a little vay-cay to a hip place to party and let all the thoughts of Indian River County election snafu leave our brain. Surely by the time we got back, questions would be addressed and problems would be solved but - no! Once again we were right (and oh how tiring that gets), not another mention of it. Are we the only one still bothered by the primary election mess? Not if our emails are any indication, but our "newspaper", instead of challenging the issue, has our local "journalist" proudly switchin parties and joining in the process! (y'all know if you're not part of the solution...)

This is a serious issue kids and although Miss Vero likes to not take things so serious, this is something that we all need to pay close attention to. Here's a video from the Daily Show that was pointed out by "cyberpunks" to Mr. Lemmon"s column on Sunday.


Miss Clem nervously looks as though she's on 60 minutes rather than The Daily Show. Sense of Humor? None detected. Clue about The Daily Show? Nope. Reassuring to her constituents? Not even close.

Y'all know that Mr. Lemmon annoys us, but when he makes such pomp -ass statements such as these, we begin to get more insulted than annoyed, here's a little sample from Sunday;

"Colman Stewart must be living right."
"He now has a legitimate shot of becoming Indian River County's supervisor of elections."
"Never mind the last time a Democrat prevailed in countywide voting was 1990."

"Living right"?? A 'legitimate" shot??!! Oh that's right, he was still a republican when he wrote that, no wonder. today he's switched back to NPA.

The voting situation in Indian River and Palm Beach Counties using Sequoia voting systems have made headlines on the web in Daily Voting News and Bradblog (thanks to a very alert Miss Vero Fan, who emailed us!):

Here's just a little quote from writer John Gideon of votersunite.org, that we find enlightening;

"Now, I’m not saying that Sequoia is to blame for the problems of the past week. Unlike Sequoia I don’t set blame until I have evidence to back it up. Besides the Indian River plan of testing a modem down-load system in the middle of a real election was bone-headed and seems to be the fault of the administrators."

So, yes Mr. Lemmon, it does seem that Mr. Coleman Stewart has a "legitimate" chance of being viable in this election.


Miss Vero had a big ole pile of email come in over the weekend and one interesting letter was from Mr. Charlie Wilson. Now y'all know we like to keep our emails private, but since Mr. Wilson said "Just for the record" , well...

"Just for the record, I am single and I do not leer at women, I "admire" women. It only seems like I see alot only because I am such a bad date no one wants to go with me twice. Also in the interest of journalistic integrity I prefer redheads not blonds."

Miss Vero has three things to say about that.

#1 Yeah! Mr. Wilson has a sense of humor and is not afraid to contact Miss Vero, we sure do like that!

#2 Mr. Wilson used the term "journalistic integrity" when referring to Miss Vero's musings, we really like that!

#3 And finally, now we feel compelled to find an attractive redhead for Mr. Wilson to "admire". Any takers? Why is Mr. Wilson such a bad date? Why does he know he's a bad date? Perhaps Miss Vero needs to give Mr. Wilson some pointers. Hmmm, let's see...nope, nothin comin to mind, can we get some help here?

Another email that came our way, let us know that Miss Sandra Bowden is doing fine but can't help but wonder what role Mr. Lemmon played in her demise with his continual Gloria Estefan stories that abruptly ended when Mrs. Estefan announced her south Florida concert plans.

Let's review shall we kids?

Say what y'all will about Miss Bowden, yes, she voted not to have the concert after the hurricanes, and everything she actually said is in the minutes of that meeting , if everyone will take the time to read the damn thing. (see July 30th post, Fishin With Lemmon"). But she has been a part of the community here for over 40 years and if y'all like her or not that's fine, but who in the H.E. double toothpicks is Russ Lemmon to report this story in such a cavalier manner? If y'all were expecting responsible journalism and good manners, y'all better look elsewhere, his mudslingin was so fierce y'all woulda thought he was running against her.

After Mrs. Estefan announced her plans (weeks before the primary) to hold a concert at the Hard Rock, Mr. Lemmon dropped his "idea" to work with Mrs. Estefan like a nuclear hot potato.

And draggin out an old press junket story from June to make it sound like Mr. Lemmon had been granted an exclusive interview in July has been trumped by the more in depth and informative interview Mr. Milton R. Benjamin published in the current issue of VeroBeach32963:

Yes hunnies, Miss Vero is back and has promptly returned to our ole vinegar veined self. We're still siftin through that inbox and we have a lot for y'all this week. A LOT.

No need for the bloody marys today, we are drunk with information!




BlessUrHeart said...

Agreed, Miss Vero, that it is amazing that all this gets swept under the carpet by the local politicians who "oversee" the Clem doings.

But . . .

Oh, gee whiz, Miss Vero -- Bowden voted against the ONE DATE for the concert, not the whole darn concert, and she was in the minority, the vote to have it PASSED. That is indeed in the minutes, quite clearly stated several times, but it is also at the heart of all the nastiness that followed. The PJ didn't write it right the first time [surprised??] but did correct it on following stories, not that anybody listened.

As you say, whether you like Bowden or not, the truth does matter. So could you correct that, since your buddies at 32963 keep repeating the lies, as well, bless their hearts. Can't just blame the sour lemmon for that, Uncle Miltie appears to have the same agenda, as it was in his first edition, second edition, on and on. I wonder why? Could they have the same political agenda as the PJ -- well, we could look at who spends money on their advertising side.

Miss Vero said...

All right Sugar, let's finally set the record straight...

If y'all would be so kind, please tell us - after the vote for the concert was passed by the council, (we believe it was a 5-2 vote)what exactly happened to kill the event?

Detail please, we we're so inebriated at the time after the storms we just can't remember a thing.


BlessUrHeart said...

I don't KNOW, sweetie! What was that goin' on behind closed doors I can't even imagine. Seems from all these Gloria interviews, they based it on bad info, but what IS that? With all the hoo-hah in the PJ, I did read the minutes, and it just isn't right . . . beach house people, let's find out!

virtual vero said...

After the 5-2 vote, the Estefans withdrew their offer. Unless there was a consensus, they did not want to be a part of any more divisiveness. What was mind boggling was the point of contention regarding the concert date was a conflict with the Garden Club. Imagine: Garden Club vs. Gloria Estefan concert! How many attendees of the Garden Club event would ever in a million years go to a Gloria Estefan concert?

"At night when you turn off all the lights
There's no place that you can hide
Oh no, the rhythm is gonna get'cha."

No wonder Bowden was scared by those "INTERNATIONAL!" folks, which sounded very racist in the city council meeting when she said it, so much so that the Estefans wrote a letter to the city, published in the PJ I believe, indicating how welcomed they felt by everyone with the exception of a couple of politicians.

Russ Lemmon's rehashing of the events was inappropriate because HE WASN'T EVEN HERE! He didn't know the mood of the city, the feelings generated after surviving 2 hurricanes, recovering, learning that city council members boarded up their homes with city resources while the little ole everyday folks, many of 'em over 80, waited in line for 3, 4, 5 hours at Home Depot getting RATIONS of plywood, day after day. Then there was the whole Mekarski fiasco, his grandstanding with the Estefan concert offer, and his subsequent firing. Lemmon's a wannabe. To really comment on that period in our history, he has to first experience a couple of back-to-back hurricanes. No one knew quite what to do; and what they did,, they didn't do well.

The real story that no one has ever told is the PJ's disappearance during the 2004 hurricanes. Without power or delivery drivers, they basically shut down and provided no information for a long time. Okay, so they dumped a generic paper at pick-up locations around town. Not that people could get to them, considering the debris. The press is supposed to be for the people. WTTB, WGYL and those radio folks managed to broadcast tirelessly using a generator to power up the radio tower, providing people -- many of 'em over 80 -- with necessary information. Even TV10 went live over the airwaves before cable was back up, providing visual information of what was happening in the county and airing the press conferences at the Emergency Management headquarters, because they are dependent on cable. But, no PJ! No TCPalm!

There are real journalists around; they live in the shadow of the money mongers.

All that before my chardonnay! That's when I really get going...

Anonymous said...

Can that be "Virtual Veror" McDonald? gotta be, who else would say all that . . ka-rap. better be careful, ole russ won't be buyin' you any more coffee!

it was the conflict with a Riverside Theater production and the Museum, and the Boston Pops, but hey, you know that, right? You being that "real" journalist! lol!

Short memory -- well here's what you said at the time:

“[Mrs. MacDonald] said that their infrastructure could not handle a concert of this magnitude. . . This concert was promoted as a free concert but it really wouldn’t be free to our city at all. . . She suggested that if Mrs. Estefan wanted to help this community that this concert could be given at another venue and she could donate part of her revenue to Indian River County and the City. She was sad to say that this was a little too much for them.”

virtual vero said...

Now, now. Let's not get our panties all tied up in a knot.

What a nifty new game, though, trying to figure out who's really behind the internet persona. If I were the former mayor, I'd probably go by the moniker Princess Marybeth. Sorry, guess again.

By the stench of the vitriol you spew, I guess Lynn Larkin is Anonymous. Oh dear, does the shoe fit?

McDonald did indeed first suggest to have the Estefan concert elsewhere and send the money back here. What a silly suggestion; ironically, one that Gloria has apparently taken her up on. Later, it was repeated by Bowden who voted to nix the concert -- no further discussion, no looking into other dates, etc -- along with her pal Lynn Larkin.

By that time, Bowden had already been voted in as county commissioner. Her popularity plummeted when she voted against a Gloria concert, as did Larkin's. The voters spoke loud and clear about their disdain with Larkin's position when she lost her election. It took 4 long years before they could tell Bowden precisely what they thought of her actions.

Anonymous said...

Tut tut, McBeth, that really is nasty -- yes, I'm certainly a friend of Lynne's, that's where I got your quote. I'm a neighbor and a friend, name of Gil, but sorry Miss Vero, it was kinda confusing how to post comments. typed in my name but that didn't work.

Now "Vitriol?" - goodness, just what part of that post to you think is vitriolic? Facts and a quote. hmmmm, I'll try to be nicer from now on.

Truly, I am just so tired of you and your buddies muddying the waters about this, and the hateful things you say, there is no doubt it affects people or you wouldn't keep it up. Gloating about harming Bowden and Lynne, tsk tsk, that's just sad. And gloria-fying yourself. Really, it needs to end.

Signed, Gil G. [I'll figure out this posting thing yet!]

Anonymous said...

Miz V,

'Scuse me. But ain't this over and done wit'? Let's try a different look at this. 1) The Estefan's volunteered to do a "free" concert for IRC with no admission charged 2) the county/city would have provided the venue and security and staffing, and electricity, and, and, and 3) the airport was not an option (that was the FAA's fault, not the City Counsel's) 4) the "proceeds" would have gone to the city 5) the PJ mis-represented the info 6) the voters beat up on MacDonald & Larkin 7) THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!

Now I may not be one of them smart-rich folks in the 32963 zip, but it seems to me that if you have no ticket sales and lots of expenses, THERE ARE NO PROCEEDS!!!!

I wasn't out of the back-woods yet when this was happenin' here so I do not speak from experience, but GET OVER IT!

Let's talk about something relevant like, oh, I don't know.. Maybe an election where the supervisor of elections is re-elected (along with the PJ's entire slate) in the midst of some pretty damn serious irregularities. Who is going to call the FEC?

Jethro Bovine (I can't post using my login)

Anonymous said...

Yes, she quickly withdrew her "offer". How/When/Where did the idea for a concert come from in the first place? Well, that's a story in itself.

But, as Jethro already stated - that was 4 years ago.

Get over it. Move on.

Don't turn *this* venue into trash too. Bad enough Vero's stuck with the pj.

'lil miss sunshine

Anonymous said...

Colman Stewart is holding a "press conference" this afternoon. Just who shows up at a press conference in Vero Beach?

Lynne Larkin said...

Hiya - and agreed, it's four years old for most people. Sorry it sullied the beach house, Miss Vero, it is done that for me and then some! LOL! But it is done and gone for most people, since it certainly didn't affect them or their business like it did mine.

I can tell you what happened 'til the cows come home -- it just doesn't matter what I say, does it? Doesn't even matter that the records say differently than what "virtual vero" and the other spinners say. "A lie can travel halfway 'round the world before the truth has a chance to put on its shoes." That's why they do it. It works.

So for me the perceptions left out there create problems, and while most everyone else is bored to tears with it, that's 'cause it doesn't cause them any grief. But for my family and friends who get a little crazy [as do I, I admit] when the misinformation turns up like old do-do on your doorstep, they wanna step in and help make it right. Thank you -- special "mwah" to Gil for sticking your virtual neck out! ;-) -- to them for caring, and I hope one day everyone will understand the truth. But I ain't holding my breath.

Very funny and wickedly intelligenct forum you have here, Miss Vero. Kudos for adding sanity to that which is termed "media" in this town.

Lynne Larkin

virtual vero said...

Ms. Larkin, it is simply beyond me how a woman with your intelligence, capability and experience got herself so bogged down in one little ole hissy-cane mess. This is finally coming to an end, partly because Ms. Bowden got her comeuppance and partly because your 30 day extension request was denied to provide more dirt on those no good, slime ball political action people. For what? $3000 fines? Good God, woman.

But, about that Gloria thing: there you are bolstering Bowden in that final vote. No spin, sister... you just play like a pit bull -- just won't let go and say, "gee, maybe I was wrong. Whoopie doo. Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get down to the real work."

Special Call Meeting Nov. 2004;
Page 9

Mrs McDonald restated the motion to look at other dates She said that if January 29th was in conflict and if there are other dates available they could pursue looking at those

Mrs Bowden was not in favor of having the concert on January 29th

Mayor White said that there is a motion on the floor to ask Mr O Brien to continue to plan and look at alternate dates venues etc

Mrs McDonald added that she was including in her motion January 29th

The Clerk polled the Council and the motion passed 3 2 with Mr Abell voting yes Mrs McDonald yes Mrs Bowden no Ms Larkin no and Mayor White yes


Lynne Larkin said...

I apologize to the beach house. As I said, though, what can you do, when all she does is slap on more muck.

They want to tell lie after lie after lie, call me names, and then say "Ms. Larkin, how DID you do all this to yourself!" Why, with your help, of course.

"No spin, sister?" Forgive me, but in response, I'd say perhaps you didn't include everything, and that would be "spin." For the record, IF you're going to quote the minutes, at least put it all in:

"Mayor White repeated Mrs. McDonald's motion which was to continue having staff look into this even if the date is only onJanuary 29th."

Motion, you see, was not up or down on having the concert.

"Ms. Larkin and Mrs. Bowden disagreed with the motion because of the date [of Jan. 29th]."

There, in black and white, was the only thing we were against. One date. Period.

Stop your gloating, and stop messing up the beach house. Just stop.