Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Uh, excuse me, John, I got engaged for you...


Well at least, the only skeleton in my closet is me...

Thought we could use a little humor today (as always, thank you Republicans). My Goodness children, after all the antics on the comment playground yesterday, Miss Vero thought we'd hafta separate y'all. We certainly did not want to bring up the Miss Gloria thing again, but that seems to be a hot button, that we will from now on avoid. Our issue is still the primary election snafu, that is happening now and we predict will be a problem again in the November election.

We hear Mr. Colman Stewart will be addressing the subject today and we urge y'all to go out and hear what is said (and report back to us!):

Now excuse us while we answer the giant pile of emails that y'all have sent (thank you, thank you!) and plan a little sumthin for y'all in celebration of our hundred days of blogging, which we have determined will be September 16th. That is a special day for Miss Vero and we believe some sort of festivities are in order. Let's all put our glad pants on and find a way to party together.

Any suggestions?



Miss B. Havior said...

Smack me in the ass and send me back to the south, what the h – e double toothpicks is goin’ on at the Beach House? Sum-body done drank too much or not enough, I’m not sure which. Lets’ focus all this catterwallin’ where it belongs……in the fat lap of an inefficient, fem-bubba called Clem.
Now me, I ain’t trusted “da’ man” since Drunky McSwager was elected president of the United States of Embarrassment and I am not in the least bit soo-prized that we’ve been sold down the river, being as how we are all cradled in the bosom of Republic-land here in Vero.
We need to make a noise, make a scene and take off our white gloves for a good ole’ fashioned protest. In fact, let’s make it a NUDE PROTEST. That will get us sum attention or a sunburn, I’m not sure. Wouldn’t it be nice if that cute Anderson Cooper would come on down and report on our little insurrection? If there were enough nekkid people protesting, I’m sure he’d be here like shine on shinola.
Baring a NUDE PROTEST in front of Ms. Clems office, I would like to see Miss Vero get back to her roots……dinner, drinkin’ and par-taying, of course. My goodness gracious, 100 days of bloggin! I’ve got the margarita machine all revved up and ready to go for the celebration!

BlessUrHeart said...

I am sure it is not enough drinkin' Miss Bee. nude protest! 100 days is worth a nude celebration -- bring your silverware and the family jewels!

Maybe Anderson Cooper could find the Mole in the fem-bubba's office who would tell us what really the heck is going on! I just love that junior vanderbilt. ah - door - ah - belle.

Can't wait to hear what Mr. C. Stewart had to say in his conference.