Friday, September 5, 2008


Yes, children today Miss Vero is lounging in our own ce-leb-rity trailer discussing preproduction for our musical extravaganza -"THE BEST LITTLE BEACH HOUSE IN VERO"! Our lovely host Mr. Tim Pipher is a perfect gentleman, pouring the champagne and having his production assistants attend to our every whim!

What's that? Haven't y'all heard of the luxurious television and film studios right here in Vero Beach? Well kids, maybe because an article, all about Southeastern Studios was in the Orlando Sentinel and not the PJ. Don't be surprised, we're sure the PJ got the press release but chose not to pay it any mind. Seems like a trend for them. Anyhoo, here's the real deal:

And check out their web site:

Our sources let us know that our own secret pal, Mr. Rhett Palmer, was doing a little production there himself this week and we can't wait to see the final product! Really! Ole Rhett is just amusing the beejeebies out of us these days. Wouldn't it be fun to see Miss Vero and Rhett doing commentary on the upcoming election? Move over Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh!

All right kids, we'll settle down, must be the champagne bubbles going to our head. But seriously, with a studio of this magnitude right here in our backyard, who knows? Perhaps we'll be seeing a few more celebrities roaming around the Costa D' Este soon.

Now don't think for one minute that we've dropped the election issue, we're still keepin a very watchful eye on that. But when champagne starts flowin, we are just weak and cannot help but let ourselves be in a fabulous mood.

Enjoy the rainy weekend. See y'all on Monday!



BlessUrHeart said...

Ole Rhett does think the world of himself, Miss V, and some of that may be rubbin' off on you [Rhett wishes!], but do you really want to enter that particular spin zone? We so appreciate Miss V's open and welcoming attitude about the denizens of Vero Beach, and good on ya for that, but Mr. Ambush may not be the best choice for a Brooks and Shields moment. This Rhett grabs a stolen photo of celebrities and then pretends he hangs with these people and splashes them all over ads and billboards. Funny? yes. But we fear it's the only reason he wants to meet Miss Vero -- photo op. I guess he didn't wheedle it outta Bea Gardner yet. Good for you, Ms. Gardner. Rhett's been "discouraged" from hanging at Riverside theater, same for the former Dodgertown, you get the idea. Just a caution -- let's not be hasty. ;-) At least Charlie Wilson has something on his resume other than "bumped into Mike Wallace" for media cred.

Anonymous said...

More and more people see you as Miss Bitter's Bitch House rather than a source of information. Get a life, or a better yet, a vibrator.

Miss Vero said...

YES! Let's have a B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend) Party! Great idea hunney! We do have a little bitter around here somewhere, we believe it's from Angostura.

Rule # 1 at the Beach House - Get over yourself

Rule #2 No cuss words, sugar.

and Rule # 3 If y'all don't like it here nobody's forcin y'all to stay.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Someone's been in your vinegar Miss Vero.

And they don't handle it near as well as you do.

Anonymous said...

Why do you answer yourself to make it look like people care about what you have to say?

BlessUrHeart said...

ugh - a troll enters stage left! Could he or she exit stage right? The grace and humor, along with real wit, that we find here at the beach house is refreshing indeed. I hope my little pokin' of fun at ole Rhett didn't start this up, but if so, please don't take out on Miss V. I'm sure Mr. Palmer can take a little pokin' of fun, he's a big boy.

And while I may talk to myself a little more than I used to [just hate this getting older thing], Miss Vero doesn't have to indulge in that here. Maybe it's the mention of "elections" that makes some people froth at the mouth. But please, if you don't like our little beach bar, just wander somewhere else. 'Kay?

Ah, the price of popularity. EVERYone discovers you.

MissUnderstood said...

"More and more people see you" No press is bad press, dahling. You've riled them up so badly, they signed up to post. Baba Booey!~

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Momma always said "personal insults are the last refuge of the weak." Take heart. Those of us who read you regularly understand that you address behaviors, not people. Don't let those who cannot understand that dissuade you.

We love ya.


BlessUrHeart said...

Jethro, always some down-home wisdom and a good hug all 'round! And yeah, "more and more people" is really what's drivin' nuts. Break out more champagne, kids, as more and more of us are finding a place we can call home. mwah, mwah!

Miss B. Havior said...

Mazeltov darlink!
You have your first troll. Pop the bubbly, there might be life (or a reasonable facsimile) in Vero.
Another ole’ southern sayin’, “ If ya’ don’t have nuthin’ nice to say about sum-one, then sit next to me.”