Monday, September 8, 2008


" The Countess and Count du Roseland"

Well, if this weekend was any indication of the "season" starting it's going to be one heck of a run. Friday afternoon's mail contained our ticket subscription to Riverside Theater and we are certainly looking forward to La Cage Aux Folles in the line up. In addition, the season's playbill -the saucy glossy Vero Beach Magazine - arrived listing every event that we'll probably avoid.

First to return to the area (in Miss Vero's unique social world) are Lady Diane and Lord Albert, who shared lethal cocktails and Ingmar Bergman movies, Friday night. So great was the toxicity of the libations, that Miss Vero could not raise her head until Saturday afternoon. Lady Diane must be using some sort of metric system when pouring, not that we're complainin of course.

The exquisite Countess and Count du Roseland have returned from their nips and tucks in Swiss miss land and are looking positively youthful (with apologies to Miss Arbus). Thank goodness Miss B.Havior replaced all the alkeehol in the cabinet before the royal couple took inventory.

Important local restaurateur holds a fabulous party at their home last night, where Miss Vero was introduced to other fabulous restaurateurs. We begin to plan our calendar for upcoming cocktail and foodie parties. Yum.

And while all that fun stuff is going on in the "real" world of Vero, there's even more happenin in the internet world, where we are virtually meeting all kinds of new friends.

Our new friend and gentleman, Mr. Tim Pipher sent Miss Vero a lovely thank you for our post on Friday. News about his studio and upcomin projects are now spreading quickly.

Apparently Miss Vero's word carries some weight and here's just a sample of the blogs and sites we've been recently linked to:

Local artist Miss Francesca Signorelli offers us a calming spot to rest on the internet, with kind words for Miss Vero:

Adorable (and musically talented!) Paul Kitchen gives us a great nod and a wink:

While he even brings tunes to the party (that Paul, he's just so thoughtful, we are definitely developing a huge crush, because earthy musicians have been known to make us completely lose our mind):

And our very smart and sensible friend Jeremy Walworth's site will be featured in the new issue of Cosmogirl! ("be sure and look at pg 28 for a mention of"), this bit of news comes to us via Twitter which we are still trying to get the hang of:

Miss Vero is now enjoying a high google ranking (remember the days kids, when we couldn't get google to notice us?) thanks to all our friends near and far.

We mention our readers and friends today in the sincere hope that the Beach House stays a friendly and welcoming place. Yes, we "skewer" the PJ food critic (uh, yeah ok, the last "boiling of land crab" article and lobster review in the PJ, make our barbs well deserved). And yes, we love to "roast" Mr. Lemmon" for coming late to a party that he was never invited. And then of course, there's all the lovely local politicians and our favorite self proclaimed "mayor of the airwaves" Rhett Palmer. But honestly, we do not have any ill will towards any of these people.

Now, ifin y'all want to rant and rave go right ahead, but from now on, we think we'll just have to take ourselves off the comment playground. We certainly do not believe in censorship of any kind, so go ahead, rules be damned, it looks like there's some things y'all need to get offa your minds. Unlike Mr. Lemmon, will will not chase the "cyberpunks" offa our lawn.

It sure would be nice if y'all would follow the lead of Miss B. Havior and posted a picture and became an "official" Miss Vero follower. Blessurheart, your next right?


The primary election fiasco and the continual discrepancies, uh, reports emerging from Miss Kay Clem's office.

The brilliant Mr. Ken Moskowitz (who Miss Vero remembers fondly and Mr. Moskowitz might just remember Miss Vero) is Mr. Colman Stewart's campaign manager and has the PDF of Mr. Stewart's press conference available. We are unable to print this type of file on blogger, but Mr. Moskowitz is working to get it up on their site and we're sure if y'all are interested, he'll send it:

Well, thank goodness we limited ourselves to just a "few" at last night's soiree!



Miss B. Havior said...

Mr. Moskowitz! You mean Sebastian’s best kept secret? Cute, single and with a job, what more can a girl ask for, ‘specially Indian River County. He has the Miss B. Havior seal of approval.
But I deviate from my point…Mr. Stewart wants the voting process to be transparent. OMG! How frightening that concept must be too many of our local officials (or our state and national electorate).
It’s too hot to keep thinkin' bout these things and I’m off to float in the du Roselands pool with the nefarious companion, drink beer and watch Paco trim the folage.

BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, Miss B, a very important seal of approval for Mr. Moskowitz who will now be in great demand! Even more attractive is also working with Mr. Stewart, and maybe we will one day break up this clique of favor-doers and get some true public servants helping us run elections. Did you all see the letter from a former employee in the PJ?
Makes me want to plant a personal "MWAH" on all their cheeks for stepping up, as not so many are so brave.

Glad to join Miss B. and the de Roselands in posting with jpgs.

As I mentioned previously, but repeating seems a good idea: If you think any of us, who all carry our own experiences and prejudices to the table - or to the screen - haven't posted with your same grace and panache [we can only aspire], well then, speak on up. We all, except the trolls, value your hostessing abilities.

What we think might be worth attention, or even what we think is important, may well be in our own gin-soaked cranium. So much is these days. See, laws on crabs, not so terribly funny, but gosh, needed saying in my book. Others do, too.

Puncturing puffed up egos? Can be a community service. Eye of the beholder.

so congrats on all the attention, even with that comes some cricism. The majority of us know your kindness and not-too-serious take on all things Vero. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

People are looking at me funny, very odd house in Roseland in the jungle, barrier island bolt hole,at the moment in Northern California, unfortunately not being lifted or tucked....... I like to think I am artistic, have been known to tipple, way out of line leopard, own a crown, the glasses wear me, I almost qualify for a child's booster seat and I just love miss vero, never miss a day.
I thought I was the only one with a Rush Lemmonbaugh issue, so thrilled to have you out there,I hope to do my small part blogging in the PJ comments, where the real news is or some hope of.
Thanks again for the great blog, from a big fan.

Coco Suga said...

Miss B, I miss you. I haven't been keeping up everyday on your blog. Bad me! Anyways just stopping to show some love.
Your Drag Queen in South Beach

Count du Roseland said...

We thank Miss Vero for her most kind and generous comments. I do think the picture speaks for itself - We look marvelous, no?

Well, that Mr. Moskowitz is a prime courtier of our court. Miss b. havior said it all! If he is supporting Mr. Stewart, then Mr. Stuart certainly has our vote!

And now the Countess is calling and I must go. But I must remember to speak with miss b. havior. I rather thought there was a bit more alkeehol in the cabinet than before we left! That mis b!

And finally, what is it you young people say?


the count

Sophie said...

For all those seasonal balls, and to ensure you are in the best dress possible, why not try a beach body workout instead of all the food! We're here for ya! Thanks for the blog post. We still love Vero Beach!