Friday, September 25, 2009


Who will be Vero's Heros? Who will save us from the villains of high electric, water and sewer rates? Who will rescue us from the threat of losing our beloved Royal Palm Pointe fountain? Who will dare mention the astronomical unemployment rate and the incredible increase in food stamp requests? Who will leap to meetings, but more importantly listen to the people of Vero Beach? Who will do it? Who will it be???!!!!!

Well Hunnies, so glad y'all asked ' cause Miss Vero is about to tell y'all.

For those that aren't payin' attention, let us be the first to remind y'all that there is a little ole city council election goin' be happening real soon. Now we know, y'all haven't had much time to get well acquainted with the candidates, so we're here to give y'all the run down.

There are two seats on the city council that seven people are hoping to get themselves situated in. We have a few words to say about that.

Regarding incumbent Debra Fromang and incumbent Bill Fish;
With the education and qualifications they both have, we expected some results. Lot's of "let's study this and Let's talk about that" and not enough action. Well, party's over, time's up, had a turn, can't recall a dang thing good y'all did, NEXT!

Regarding newcomer Jack Schupe and newcomer Susan Viviano;
Y'all seem like real nice folks, bless your hearts and we're sure you mean well and all, but politics in this town and especially in this county, will eat you alive! Run away now, while y'all still have a chance. The current issues in town are too urgent to provide y'all a learning curve.

To 14 times a charm, Brian Heady;
Run Brian, run! Again. And Again. Jack and Susan take note.

To good ole Charlie Wilson;
They keep knockin' him down and he still keeps getting up. Charlie's good for this town, good attitude, cares about the city and has the political chops to get things done. We just love it when he riles up the county commissioners, especial big ole Gary Wheeler - who happens to scare the beejeebees out of us. We can just imagine the steam coming out of Mr. Wheeler's head as he's talking to Charlie. It can only mean that Charlies hitting a nerve and getting to close to Mr. Wheeler's comfort zone. We also like the way Charlie deals with adversity, like pesky dinosaur newspaper men that write slanted opinions and folks who are just plain irritated with Charlie and call the State's Attorney to find out where he lives. Charlie's the kind of guy who likes a good challenge and the City of Vero Beach is exactly that.

To the perfectly qualified Ken Daige;
Y'all just have to respect a man that lost his seat at the city council, but remains loyal to the process and business of the city. Mr. Daige has attended every city council meeting and has paid close attention. As a former military man, we can see that he may have lost a battle but he is not willing to lose this war. He deeply cares about his home, Vero Beach. Ken and Deborah Daige are exemplary citizens of this community, have a wonderful family and are both dedicated to the local process of government. If there's any thing we can complain about, it's that he cares too much. No joking around here.

Oh, but don't take Miss Vero's word for any of this. Just sit through the wonderful videos provided by and we're sure y'all will come to the same conclusions. We'd love to hear what y'all think.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


*with apologies to Stephen Sondheim and especially Elaine Stritch.

Have y'all heard? The Economy has recovered so says our Federal Reserve Chairman, Mr. Bernanke. Oh really? Asks Miss Vero, well, oh well and nevahmind, we were planning on doing some shopping and lunching anyhow. Now Hunnies go on and mix yourselves a nice cool libation and get all sitch-e-ated 'cause Miss Vero has a whole heap of goodies for y'all today. Go on, we'll wait.

Y'all back yet? Good, now pay attention there's a whole heap of good info here today.

Aw'right now, for starters we've decided to name names and give up some propers to all of our lady friends who we love to lunch with. If y'all may have thought that you've seen Miss Vero out and about these days y'all may be right, because instead of lollin' about feeling bad about our lack of current cabbage, we have decided that the best thing to do is to stay connected with our friends and get out even more!

Y'all may have seen us sipping bloody marys at the Patio Restaurant with our society pal and Veronews contributor, Miss Mary Schenkel. Also in attendance the evah stylish and young Vero royal, Miss Charlotte Tripson. As we ordered another round, Chef Chuck Lamm stopped by our table and told us about the new Patio Express. Located directly next door, the flash in the pan gift shop reopened last Friday as a brand spakin' new 30 seat cafe. They are specializing in flatbread pizzas and sandwiches, take out and delivery -wow, we love havin' things brought to us!

Or perhaps y'all may have caught a glimpse of Miss Vero having a happy hour cocktail at Riverside with the hottest realtor in town. Whom may that be, y'all ask? Well, Miss Vero is pleased as punch to say we know talent when we see it and way back in May of last year we predicted that Miss Barbara Martino-Sliva was destined for big things and well, hunnies, we are right! Just google her or friend her facebook page and treat yourselves to the most fabulous inside Vero info. Nobody works harder or blogs better than Miss Barbara! Nobody, not even Miss Vero. Miss Barbara's Blogs are mighty significant, mark our words, just wait and see...

Have y'all been to Vero Beach Hotel and Spa recently? We have. Nevahmind their enormous facebook fan campaign with over 4,000 fans -and what is it with all these facebook obsessions, anyway? The big news is that since Kimpton has taken over they have made a point of getting all of us, who were not too enamored with the Indigo Room and the sporadic service, back in the fold. Well, we must say that their devious plot to win our heart has worked! We lunched recently with our good friend Miss Kitty Wagner, owner and Chef of Undertow and our recently returned from Paris pal, "Muse of the World". Service, food and cocktails were perfect and a little table side chat with Chef Matthew Dewey put our mind to rest that COBALT will be right on target for season. And we are so pleased to report that they may even have the best happy hour in town! $3 appetizers and $5 martinis - Get Out! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves that!

We've also had some out of town guests that we have sequestered there and they were very pleased with the accommodations. Now, not havin' personally spent the night we can't say too much about it, but hearin' that they will accommodate our little pet pup-pup, Miss Vero is strongly feelin the urge of a Staycation comin' on. We'll let y'all know.

Our ole pal, Muse, loves to shop and always points us in the direction of fabulous finds. After our lunch, we found ourselves in the cutest little cupcake shop on Cardinal called Frosting. Honestly, we contracted Diabetes on the spot. It was so sugary sweet, but in oh, such a a good way. Muse bought us the most scrumptious delish red velvet cupcake and it was put in a special box with a pink ribbon and we all could have died, 'cause we all felt like kids in a candy store. The selection of gifts and retro candy was so fun and fabulous, the only thing missing was Anthony Newly singing Candyman and showering us with Wonka Bars. No foolin' it's a magically little happy place and (of course) they have a facebook page with almost 600 fans! Ohhh...and Krispy Kreeme doughnuts too!!!!

Did we mention they make specialty cakes too? For weddings and such. And speaking of Weddings and such, how nice is it that Miss Deb Daley decided to celebrate her wedding this weekend with a singles sale at Decorative Arts? All single lamps, prints, pillows, chairs, garden stools and side tables will be 40% off! Thanks Deb, Congratulations and big MWAH! to you Hunney.

And finally in our shopaholic roundup, what could be better than a sale on handmade in Florida, never go out of style shoes? We're talkin' Bonanno's Sandals, of course and Miss Cathy Riggs, proprietor of said fabulous sandals, has just sent us an e-mail that the sale will be extended one more week. $20 off any instock or custom shoe. Miss Vero stopped in and bought 3 pairs!!! We just couldn't resist.

We have saved the most fun for last. Our dear friend Miss Karen Mechling of Pointe West, is competing in the Co-Host Idol contest on WGYL93.7 The Breeze. She sounds fabulous and we all need to send her our votes on the WGYL website, so y'all just stop reading now and vote for Karen.

Well that's it for today y'all and we think that's quite a bit. We are feeling extra generous this week so since today was a "Ladies day" perhaps next time we'll talk about some men folk. There's an local election and some gossip floatin' around and well, we'll see y'all soon.

Did we mention we have a facebook page?


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Let's agree to disagree, but first let's listen to what y'all have to say.

Do y'all know what we're talkin' about today? If y'all are reading this on the internet- and we know you are, you must be familiar with the film "Idiocracy". Well hunnies if y'all need to get up to speed, click here, to read a pretty good summin' up of this movie.

It takes place in the distant future, where we have all been systematically dumb downed by our own willingness not to think for ourselves. Problem is, this has already happened.

Miss Vero is heartbroken to think that there are so many folks calling themselves parents, who do not have enough faith in their so called parenting abilities to let their children hear and see things they might not agree with.

Time was, when Miss Vero had some children, (oh Lawd, yes, there was a time), we encouraged them to listen to every religious view, every political view and every personal view of folks they met. Then our little spawn, would came home to discuss these topics and we shared our own beliefs and had enough faith in our raising up abilities to let them make informed choices about what kind of people they would grow up to be. Now, because they are mere mortals, they made mistakes along the way, but in the end, they became fine people and were smart enough to get the h-e-double toothpicks away from here. The end.

Howevah, this whole business of the Indian River PUBLIC school system not sharing the Presidents back to school speech is a prime example of fear and ignorance. Since fear and ignorance are so much part of the Republican party (Hunnies, they have used this strategy for years) and the Republican party is so so much of Indian River County, well, there y'all are.

In fact, if any one knows anything about Florida politics, y'all would know that the Great State of Florida was, historically, a Democratic state and that included Indian River County for many years. We once heard a story about the Sheriff at the time, who came around to all the deputies and registered them to vote. They were also told to register Republican. "Ain't we Democrats?" one asked. "Nope, we's Republicans now" and that's the way it went.

Now before y'all get your panties in a bunch, Miss Vero is not saying that being a Democrat is the way to go, we actually like to refer to them as the lesser of the two evils. What we are saying is that just maybe we should listen to folks before we judge them and this would include, oh we don't know, maybe the President of the United States?

Ok, we know this is a big step for some of y'all. Especially our two conservative friends, Max Newport and Rhett Palmer. So let us just start with Max - There are many things that filter through Max's head that he feels compelled to post on the comments of Russ Lemmon's column. Y'all would think, now that Max has his own blog on Veronews, that he would have a good enough outlet, but no, he continues to dive into that snakepit week after week. While we don't often agree with Max and, Lawd knows he's a cheap date, we love him none the less and consider him a great friend. Y'all know the old sayin' a good friend bails you out of jail, while a great friend is the one sittin' next to you, wonderin' who the heck is gonna bail you both out? That could be Max.

Rhett Palmer, on the other hand, is just plain crazy. Like a fox. Don't believe Miss Vero? Then ask yourselves, who can make a decent living out of no market, AM radio show, the best part of which are the promo jingles? He's an entertainer, plain and simple. And guess what? We certainly don't agree with anything Rhett has to say either!

But here's the thing, on any given night y'all might find Miss Vero swigin' back a few with any number of our Republican friends, who we don't necessarily agree with. And here's the other thing, you will never find Miss Vero having coffee in Area 51 of Bob Evans with Russ Lemmon, with who we do agree with today! Yes, mark y'all's calendars, because we are in Mr. Lemmon's corner on this issue.

So, y'all don't have to necessarily like those you agree with and y'all don't necessarily have to agree with those you like, but being civil to one another sure would be nice.

Our point, and yes, thanks for paying attention, we do have one- is something we learned a million years ago back in civics class -
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it*

*Though these words are regularly attributed to Voltaire, they were first used by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, writing under the pseudonym of Stephen G Tallentyre in "The Friends of Voltaire" (1906), as a summation of Voltaire's beliefs on freedom of thought and expression.

A woman, writing under a pseudonym? How clever.

And so much better than "Welcome to Costco, I love you." Don't y'all think?


Oh and a huge PS to the TCPalm comment censor - Deleting LDouglas' comment for providing a link to Miss Vero's Beach House? Fear and ignorance indeed.