Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hang in there y'all!
Lawd willin' and the creek don't rise,
Miss Vero will return Wednesday, October 1st!


Feel free to vent, post comments below or send e-mail


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, the Absinthe flowed last night at the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow. The Cutest Boy in Vero was on hand (It wouldn't be a party without Ziggy), to carefully place the sugar cubes and drip the ice water into the green liquid.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful friends, old and new, who attended our little soiree last night and celebrated Miss Vero's hundred days of bloggin and co-inky-dinkly our birthday.
Secret Squirrel, Palm Beach Playboy, Count and Countess du Roseland, Miss B. Havior, Bless Ur Heart, Dr. John, Lady Diane, Lord Albert and Lawdy Mama all were in attendance, in addition to Miss Barbara, Jeremy and Darcy, Rita, Sylvia, Ken - again, thank y'all so much!

And of course Miss Kitty! The appetizers were more than generous and soooo extra yummy. We wanted to eat the entire party size plate of shrimp all by our selves! We can't even tell you exactly how they were prepared, because they are not on the menu and Miss Kitty made them special for us, but kids honestly, the shrimp were tropically seasoned perfectly and the dipping sauce was so fabulous that we could have eaten it with a spoon!

A special thank you to Mr. Rhett Palmer for letting us post his he-lar-ious video yesterday and for wishing us a happy b-day! What a good sport.

Now if y'all were paying attention, y'all know that Miss Vero will be shutting down the blog today and relaunching on October 1st with the new -

Miss Vero's Beach House .com!

So put it on y'all's calendar and be prepared cause we have a lot of new, fun, gossipy things that we know y'all are gonna love. Now, we still need y'all's help, so if there's anything you'd like to send us please do it NOW. and if you have something you'd like to advertise, let us know NOW. And if you would like a political endorsement, please ask us NOW.

Speaking of political endorsements, we have just made out a check to the campaign of Mr. Colman Stewart. We don't believe that the office of Supervisor of Elections has anything to do with being Republican or Democrat, but we do believe that the dignified way in which Mr. Stewart is conducting himself, is to be commended and we sure would like to see him bring that style of management to the office.
So there y'all have it.

Remember, new site launches two weeks from today, see y'all there!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thanks, Mr. Palmer for showing us your "moobie"




Monday, September 15, 2008


Miss Vero has returned from our little weekend getaway to find that y'all are interested in being shallow, snarky, gossip, spreading lushes. Well hunnies, Miss Vero has absolutely no problem with that. We hear y'all and live to serve your interests!

Seriously, we were a bit surprised at the results of our poll and some of the email requests. Here's a sample:

"Enough Russ Lemmon, it's enough torture to have see his face in the paper, stop reminding us that he's still here."

"More cocktail parties, less Russ, less on the political end."

"...regarding Miss Footzie. She needs a life and we could use a newspaper."

One of the comments to Friday's post said:

"Miss Vero I really enjoy your blog but your starting to sound like the jilted ex of Mr. Lemmon. Sorry to say but its getting old."

To which we must reply (after howlin with laughter and catchin our breath!) Oh hunney! Don't worry, there's just not enuf alkeehol on the planet to ever make that true!

And on and on, but everyone seems to agree that the PJ is cat litter and we've all had enough of Lemmon and Foote, so we'll leave the Lemmon squeezing to the formidable Mr. Max Newport. The only comments we've ever seen on Miss Foote's columns are usually corrections or short exasperations, so it doesn't look like we need to point out the obvious.

The PJ also has a not so subtle way of reporting info that is misleading. Last Wednesday the TCPalm ran a story that was headlined Quilted Giraffe, Undertow and 2002 added to list of Vero Restaurants For Sale. So we called our friend Miss Kitty (who was surprised because she hadn't been contacted) for the real story. Miss Kitty said sure, there's a price on the business, but everything has a price. In fact she said this year's business is better then last. At least she had time to make a call to the PJ and have the info updated before the amended story (and headline) ran the next day.

This is the other pressing request we get, from business owners that have tried to correct stories and have been ignored. We also get requests from those who have repeatedly submitted press releases and again, have been ignored or to offer a link or to mention something new or exciting that is happening locally. One request stated:

"Since you are our favorite place for Vero Beach news..."

Really news? But apparently it's true, it seems that y'all scan the PJ and then check in at the Beach House to see our irreverent take and any detail (or rumor gossip and speculation) that might have been missed.

Here's a one such worthy reminder from the Pelican Island Audobon Society:

Volunteer for the 2008 Coastal Cleanup on September 20, 2008!

The Pelican Island Audubon Society, in partnership with Keep Indian River Beautiful, announces the 2008 Coastal Cleanup scheduled for Saturday, September 20th, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Indian River County.

This annual volunteer event has resulted in the removal of thousands of pounds of garbage littering our county over the years. We urge everyone to pitch in this year for a real community effort to help at Sebastian Inlet, Wabasso Beach, Jaycee Park, South Beach, Round Island, Vero Beach City Marina, Indian River Shores Public Safety Office and 45th Street at the Indian River Lagoon.

Besides needing individual volunteers, this is a great way for Scout troops, church youth groups, students, or any other concerned group to help make a difference in our community. Call the Pelican Island Audubon Society office at 772-567-3520 to volunteer and/or reserve a cleanup site.

* * * *
The Pelican Island Audubon Society is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society dedicated to the preservation and protection of animals, plants, and natural communities in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness through monthly meetings, field trips, and other programs. The public is always invited to attend and those interested are encouraged to join the Society. For more information about Audubon programs or trips, contact the office at 772-567-3520 or visit http://www.pelicanislandaudubon.org/ on the web.

And another link worthy local friend, Bret Hoskins (who is working his little tail off with the Vero Beach Business Directory), has so much good info to share along with free listings!:


Well, after catching up on our emails last night, we decided to go over to the Indigo Room for dinner but forgot that they are closed on Sunday and Monday in the summer, so we made our way to Bobby's2 or Bobby's Mainland or Dockside Grill, whatever. We spotted Mr. Tom Collins out with Miss Karen Gaskill and other local folks having a good time. We made it back home in time to see a famous local actor (and good friend of our's) on an episode of "Army Wives" and then we caught up on national news publications and retired early. As the martini's effects were still present, we groggily wondered if anyone is planning on crashing our big party tomorrow night?

So there y'all have it Rumors, Gossip and Speculation all wraped up with a bow on top!

But here's the thing, We have decide to end the blog - please calm down children, Miss Vero is not finished tellin y'all... and launch Missverosbeachhouse.com.

But we'll need y'all's help. Please send whatever Rumors, Gossip and Speculation, Press Releases and News that y'all have so that we may turn the Beach House into an alternative forum that will provide y'all with the content y'all crave.

Miss Vero will also be offering advertising, so please be quick to request a spot, because space will be limited.

And also, do not worry yourselves too much kids, because Miss Vero will still provide our usually vinegar veined, get over yourself, take on all things Vero.

Good things are a comin and more details to follow, so stay tuned!



Friday, September 12, 2008


By now y'all heard the news that Mr. Ron "tater salad" White was greeted by the local po-po and graciously shown the hospitality of the Indian River County Inn. Yes, welcome to Vero Beach!

First of all, Miss Vero doesn't know Mr. White, although we do have fabulous stories of our own days, livin' in Houston, Texas and our many comedian friends (remind Miss Vero to someday tell y'all about Sam Kinnison's Halloween party, where he tried to raise Jimi Hendrix from the dead, hunnies, poor ole Sam really knew how to throw a party!). And even though we don't know Mr. White personally, we think he has shown a very gracious Texan manner in handling the whole snitch-e-ation.

Miss Vero will refrain from getting on our high horse, so to speak, and tell y'all why this is wrong on so many levels, for fear that some backstabbing axe grinding rat will alert the fascist and hypocritical power to swoop in and flex their authoritative control with unreasonable trumped-up charges and justify their for-profit incarceration system. Nope, not gonna say a word.

We will just sit here quietly and read our favorite periodical and our favorite local opinion columnist, who when he gets real mad, uses terms like "Baloney!" and tells us he's gonna "nip this one in the bud." Ok, Barney Lemmon or Russ Fife, go get 'em!

Most of the time we skim down and just read Maxnewport's take on the whole thing. In a "Your Mama" throwdown between Mr. Lemmon and Maxnewport we'd bet the farm on Max.

Seems like Miss Vero is coming down with an extreme case of sarcasm and apathy, so we'd better take two martinis and get out of town this weekend to cure it.

But before we skidaddle off, we need to tell y'all that we have a pile of email to sort through (and answer) so y'all know the drill. We will tell y'all that we have skimmed through and a few folks have suggested some topics to cover, so we've put a little vote up at the top, for your input and we promise to not count them twice.

We'll be putting some more links to local websites and update y'all on local happenings on Monday, so we'll see ya then!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


How could we think that the lives lost on 9/11...


... would be made right with American soldiers' lives?
"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind...War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."
John F. Kennedy

"There was never a good war or a bad peace."
Benjamin Franklin

"One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means"
Dr. Martin Luther King

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

"..you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one."
John Lennon

Just thinking today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin Attends Fashion Week in NY

Miss Diana Foote makes it waaaayyyy too easy for us: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/sep/10/out-to-lunch-diana-foote-hurricane-plans-pay-lip-s/

And little ole Miss Vero politely addresses those who think we are "playing nice"

Did y'all notice today's story in the PJ that reports that the One Stop Career Center will close in Vero?: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/sep/10/stuart-vero-one-stop-career-centers-closing/

Yeah, and didn't Mr. Lemmon's story yesterday revolve around the One Stop Career Center?: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/sep/09/did-system-short-change-man-with-short-02/

All we can do is shake our head.

So here's the thing, we would love to see our local
newspaper give us something other than the ramblins of people who are not in tune with our community. We would love to see a columnist with a sense of humor or a food critic who has the insight to offer us new ways to enjoy places we've all been to.

Our local "news" paper has no concept of the term "objective reporting" as it cherry picks and slants it 's coverage. And in it's effort to keep the public polarized, it presents us with a paper version of the show "Cops".

And how 'bout a local television station (TV10) that can get a website up and running? And give us more than 15 freakin years of freaky Marcia Littlejohn?

Hey y'all wake up! There are over 130,000 people in the Vero/Sebastian metro area, according to the 2006 census and Miss Vero is betting that they're not all Republican beachie retirees. What we're sayin is that there should be an outlet for for those that do not conform. Well wha-la and la-te-da, y'all are welcome at the Beach House!

Miss Vero could never be part of the mainstream Vero media (which is all of the Vero media). As our Granmamie used to say "Why the very idea!" So thank y'all very much but we prefer our little corner of the blog sphere and our own schedule and nobody tellin us what to say. It's a little thing we love called artistic freedom.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hurricane Sequoia's damaging outer bands have brushed Indian River County and continue to bear down on Palm Beach County. Major devastation is expected when hurricane Sequoia makes landfall on November 4th, 2008.

It's true! The Sequoia logo above is the actual logo of Sequoia voting systems. We don't have to make this stuff up kids! Y'all know by now that this election fiasco is a big thorn in our paw. The latest, is that Sequoia has taken the position that anything that goes wrong is, "operator error": http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/sep/09/company-that-made-the-machines-blames-02/

Um, Miss Clem, we believe this means that the ball is now in y'all's court. Stay tuned for further updates.


Armed with a video camera, Russ Lemmon has joined the fashion police! TCPalm has his video posted to accompany today's story: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/sep/09/did-system-short-change-man-with-short-02/

Shorts or slacks? How to dress for a job interview in Florida? Well, we do know one thing about a job - if y'all want one, y'all might as well do what they ask right away. Isn't that the point of a job? Y'all do what they ask and then they give y'all some money, right?

Must be a slow news day if ole Russ is commenting on Florida fashion. Must be excruciatingly slow if Miss Vero is commenting on that. Ahh, the quiet and quaint Vero Beach life. (can y'all see us rollin our eyes ?)

Hey!! Here's somethin cool from the epicenter of cool

Did y'all see that Miss Kitty has the Undertow website updated? Yup, check it out children and mark your calendars for Octoberfest:

But before that, let's all think about our own little event that's happening one week from today - MISS VERO'S HUNDREDTH DAY OF BLOGGIN! (September 16th).

Now takin your celebration suggestions, no dress code required.



Monday, September 8, 2008


" The Countess and Count du Roseland"

Well, if this weekend was any indication of the "season" starting it's going to be one heck of a run. Friday afternoon's mail contained our ticket subscription to Riverside Theater and we are certainly looking forward to La Cage Aux Folles in the line up. In addition, the season's playbill -the saucy glossy Vero Beach Magazine - arrived listing every event that we'll probably avoid.

First to return to the area (in Miss Vero's unique social world) are Lady Diane and Lord Albert, who shared lethal cocktails and Ingmar Bergman movies, Friday night. So great was the toxicity of the libations, that Miss Vero could not raise her head until Saturday afternoon. Lady Diane must be using some sort of metric system when pouring, not that we're complainin of course.

The exquisite Countess and Count du Roseland have returned from their nips and tucks in Swiss miss land and are looking positively youthful (with apologies to Miss Arbus). Thank goodness Miss B.Havior replaced all the alkeehol in the cabinet before the royal couple took inventory.

Important local restaurateur holds a fabulous party at their home last night, where Miss Vero was introduced to other fabulous restaurateurs. We begin to plan our calendar for upcoming cocktail and foodie parties. Yum.

And while all that fun stuff is going on in the "real" world of Vero, there's even more happenin in the internet world, where we are virtually meeting all kinds of new friends.

Our new friend and gentleman, Mr. Tim Pipher sent Miss Vero a lovely thank you for our post on Friday. News about his studio and upcomin projects are now spreading quickly.

Apparently Miss Vero's word carries some weight and here's just a sample of the blogs and sites we've been recently linked to:

Local artist Miss Francesca Signorelli offers us a calming spot to rest on the internet, with kind words for Miss Vero:

Adorable (and musically talented!) Paul Kitchen gives us a great nod and a wink:

While he even brings tunes to the party (that Paul, he's just so thoughtful, we are definitely developing a huge crush, because earthy musicians have been known to make us completely lose our mind):

And our very smart and sensible friend Jeremy Walworth's site will be featured in the new issue of Cosmogirl! ("be sure and look at pg 28 for a mention of HairForecast.com"), this bit of news comes to us via Twitter which we are still trying to get the hang of:

Miss Vero is now enjoying a high google ranking (remember the days kids, when we couldn't get google to notice us?) thanks to all our friends near and far.

We mention our readers and friends today in the sincere hope that the Beach House stays a friendly and welcoming place. Yes, we "skewer" the PJ food critic (uh, yeah ok, the last "boiling of land crab" article and lobster review in the PJ, make our barbs well deserved). And yes, we love to "roast" Mr. Lemmon" for coming late to a party that he was never invited. And then of course, there's all the lovely local politicians and our favorite self proclaimed "mayor of the airwaves" Rhett Palmer. But honestly, we do not have any ill will towards any of these people.

Now, ifin y'all want to rant and rave go right ahead, but from now on, we think we'll just have to take ourselves off the comment playground. We certainly do not believe in censorship of any kind, so go ahead, rules be damned, it looks like there's some things y'all need to get offa your minds. Unlike Mr. Lemmon, will will not chase the "cyberpunks" offa our lawn.

It sure would be nice if y'all would follow the lead of Miss B. Havior and posted a picture and became an "official" Miss Vero follower. Blessurheart, your next right?


The primary election fiasco and the continual discrepancies, uh, reports emerging from Miss Kay Clem's office.

The brilliant Mr. Ken Moskowitz (who Miss Vero remembers fondly and Mr. Moskowitz might just remember Miss Vero) is Mr. Colman Stewart's campaign manager and has the PDF of Mr. Stewart's press conference available. We are unable to print this type of file on blogger, but Mr. Moskowitz is working to get it up on their site and we're sure if y'all are interested, he'll send it:

Well, thank goodness we limited ourselves to just a "few" at last night's soiree!



Friday, September 5, 2008


Yes, children today Miss Vero is lounging in our own ce-leb-rity trailer discussing preproduction for our musical extravaganza -"THE BEST LITTLE BEACH HOUSE IN VERO"! Our lovely host Mr. Tim Pipher is a perfect gentleman, pouring the champagne and having his production assistants attend to our every whim!

What's that? Haven't y'all heard of the luxurious television and film studios right here in Vero Beach? Well kids, maybe because an article, all about Southeastern Studios was in the Orlando Sentinel and not the PJ. Don't be surprised, we're sure the PJ got the press release but chose not to pay it any mind. Seems like a trend for them. Anyhoo, here's the real deal:

And check out their web site:

Our sources let us know that our own secret pal, Mr. Rhett Palmer, was doing a little production there himself this week and we can't wait to see the final product! Really! Ole Rhett is just amusing the beejeebies out of us these days. Wouldn't it be fun to see Miss Vero and Rhett doing commentary on the upcoming election? Move over Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh!

All right kids, we'll settle down, must be the champagne bubbles going to our head. But seriously, with a studio of this magnitude right here in our backyard, who knows? Perhaps we'll be seeing a few more celebrities roaming around the Costa D' Este soon.

Now don't think for one minute that we've dropped the election issue, we're still keepin a very watchful eye on that. But when champagne starts flowin, we are just weak and cannot help but let ourselves be in a fabulous mood.

Enjoy the rainy weekend. See y'all on Monday!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


Russ Lemmon Searches For His Next Big Story

Today's offering from Mr. Lemmon -

"Wanted:Red Cross Volunteers"

What's that ? Might be a hurricane a comin? DUH! Welcome to Florida. Thank y'all so much for this public service "opinion". Now that the primaries are over, looks like Mr. Lemmon has finished slingin his Bob Evans hash.

Diana Foote searches for a new word in the dictionary to impress us

Today's offering from Miss Foote -

"With a flourish, our waitstaff discreetly informed us of the arrival of the Maine lobsters and I ordered my pound-and-a-half ($26.99) with alacrity. It arrived properly steamed and still steaming, the optimum moment to begin cracking the claws and walking legs, and sucking the tender, ambrosial meat."

Can y'all guess which restaurant she's talkin about? Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty! We'll give y'all a minute to stop laughing before we continue....


Where is the report of Mr. Colman Stewart's press conference?

Mr. Stewart informs us that -

"A total of 6 candidates, in 3 different races, were missing from the ballot in the recently certified primary election."

This is serious news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Miss Vero the only person in this county concerned with this issue? Kids, we sent our posse in and here's what what we know -

There was a dismal turnout of our "elected" officials to hear Mr. Stewart speak. Joe Flescher (not running for office this year) was the only County Commissioner that stayed throughout the press conference, although he seemed to be "visitin" with folks more than payin attention.

Wesley Davis showed up late, talked on his cell phone outside and then stayed for about all of three minutes. Somebody ought a tell that bubba that large horizontal striped shirts are not a good fashion choice for him. Oh. Never mind we just did.

Miss Bea Gardner and Miss Cathy Hart listened attentively. A representative from Captain Bill McMullen's office was also payin attention, while Duurrrrll Loar was spotted outside parkin his Jeep, but no where near the press conference.

And the PJ? Y'all think that maybe they'd be on hand to cover a story about a candidate they endorse? Nope.

Will there be any follow up? Dunno.

Must self medicate heavily today, martinis intravenously we think.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Uh, excuse me, John, I got engaged for you...


Well at least, the only skeleton in my closet is me...

Thought we could use a little humor today (as always, thank you Republicans). My Goodness children, after all the antics on the comment playground yesterday, Miss Vero thought we'd hafta separate y'all. We certainly did not want to bring up the Miss Gloria thing again, but that seems to be a hot button, that we will from now on avoid. Our issue is still the primary election snafu, that is happening now and we predict will be a problem again in the November election.

We hear Mr. Colman Stewart will be addressing the subject today and we urge y'all to go out and hear what is said (and report back to us!):

Now excuse us while we answer the giant pile of emails that y'all have sent (thank you, thank you!) and plan a little sumthin for y'all in celebration of our hundred days of blogging, which we have determined will be September 16th. That is a special day for Miss Vero and we believe some sort of festivities are in order. Let's all put our glad pants on and find a way to party together.

Any suggestions?



Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, Miss Vero went on a little vay-cay to a hip place to party and let all the thoughts of Indian River County election snafu leave our brain. Surely by the time we got back, questions would be addressed and problems would be solved but - no! Once again we were right (and oh how tiring that gets), not another mention of it. Are we the only one still bothered by the primary election mess? Not if our emails are any indication, but our "newspaper", instead of challenging the issue, has our local "journalist" proudly switchin parties and joining in the process! (y'all know if you're not part of the solution...)

This is a serious issue kids and although Miss Vero likes to not take things so serious, this is something that we all need to pay close attention to. Here's a video from the Daily Show that was pointed out by "cyberpunks" to Mr. Lemmon"s column on Sunday.


Miss Clem nervously looks as though she's on 60 minutes rather than The Daily Show. Sense of Humor? None detected. Clue about The Daily Show? Nope. Reassuring to her constituents? Not even close.

Y'all know that Mr. Lemmon annoys us, but when he makes such pomp -ass statements such as these, we begin to get more insulted than annoyed, here's a little sample from Sunday;

"Colman Stewart must be living right."
"He now has a legitimate shot of becoming Indian River County's supervisor of elections."
"Never mind the last time a Democrat prevailed in countywide voting was 1990."

"Living right"?? A 'legitimate" shot??!! Oh that's right, he was still a republican when he wrote that, no wonder. today he's switched back to NPA.

The voting situation in Indian River and Palm Beach Counties using Sequoia voting systems have made headlines on the web in Daily Voting News and Bradblog (thanks to a very alert Miss Vero Fan, who emailed us!):

Here's just a little quote from writer John Gideon of votersunite.org, that we find enlightening;

"Now, I’m not saying that Sequoia is to blame for the problems of the past week. Unlike Sequoia I don’t set blame until I have evidence to back it up. Besides the Indian River plan of testing a modem down-load system in the middle of a real election was bone-headed and seems to be the fault of the administrators."

So, yes Mr. Lemmon, it does seem that Mr. Coleman Stewart has a "legitimate" chance of being viable in this election.


Miss Vero had a big ole pile of email come in over the weekend and one interesting letter was from Mr. Charlie Wilson. Now y'all know we like to keep our emails private, but since Mr. Wilson said "Just for the record" , well...

"Just for the record, I am single and I do not leer at women, I "admire" women. It only seems like I see alot only because I am such a bad date no one wants to go with me twice. Also in the interest of journalistic integrity I prefer redheads not blonds."

Miss Vero has three things to say about that.

#1 Yeah! Mr. Wilson has a sense of humor and is not afraid to contact Miss Vero, we sure do like that!

#2 Mr. Wilson used the term "journalistic integrity" when referring to Miss Vero's musings, we really like that!

#3 And finally, now we feel compelled to find an attractive redhead for Mr. Wilson to "admire". Any takers? Why is Mr. Wilson such a bad date? Why does he know he's a bad date? Perhaps Miss Vero needs to give Mr. Wilson some pointers. Hmmm, let's see...nope, nothin comin to mind, can we get some help here?

Another email that came our way, let us know that Miss Sandra Bowden is doing fine but can't help but wonder what role Mr. Lemmon played in her demise with his continual Gloria Estefan stories that abruptly ended when Mrs. Estefan announced her south Florida concert plans.

Let's review shall we kids?

Say what y'all will about Miss Bowden, yes, she voted not to have the concert after the hurricanes, and everything she actually said is in the minutes of that meeting , if everyone will take the time to read the damn thing. (see July 30th post, Fishin With Lemmon"). But she has been a part of the community here for over 40 years and if y'all like her or not that's fine, but who in the H.E. double toothpicks is Russ Lemmon to report this story in such a cavalier manner? If y'all were expecting responsible journalism and good manners, y'all better look elsewhere, his mudslingin was so fierce y'all woulda thought he was running against her.

After Mrs. Estefan announced her plans (weeks before the primary) to hold a concert at the Hard Rock, Mr. Lemmon dropped his "idea" to work with Mrs. Estefan like a nuclear hot potato.

And draggin out an old press junket story from June to make it sound like Mr. Lemmon had been granted an exclusive interview in July has been trumped by the more in depth and informative interview Mr. Milton R. Benjamin published in the current issue of VeroBeach32963:

Yes hunnies, Miss Vero is back and has promptly returned to our ole vinegar veined self. We're still siftin through that inbox and we have a lot for y'all this week. A LOT.

No need for the bloody marys today, we are drunk with information!